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  1. Boot Lock Fix *struck Lucky & Wanted To Share*

    Cheers guys .... double bonus is its my Wife's car so iv'e collected enough brownie points to last at least a few days lol. I love it when a hunch pays off, I feel like bl**dy Einstien hehe.
  2. Just had a brilliant eureka moment & really struck lucky with fixing a faulty boot lock/bootswitch/keyfob problem. It took literally seconds to fix. After I read so many different sites looking for a fix & saw that people were going through very lengthy DIY jobs in a vain effort to fix the problem I figured I would have to sign up and share the trick. Firstly a description of the problem. When you press the boot unlocker button on your dash & the boot unlocker button on your keyfob remote.... nothing happens so you are stuck with manually inserting the key to open the boot. There is no fuse listed in the manual for the boot unlock button or mechanism so changing the fuse is out too. Quick rundown of fixes I saw people attempting as I wandered the net in search of a fix. Some people were ripping out wiring, solenoids, switches .... replacing entire mechanisms etc & most were complaining that it had not fixed the problem. Some had paid out a fair wedge of money on new switches etc. So here is the fix...... If you have the same problem you will kick yourself when you hear what was causing it..... After looking for a fuse in both fuseboxes to no avail, having a quick butchers look at the wiring I was at a loss & was contemplating paying someone to have a look Thats when I had a mad idea to open the keyfob/remote & see if there was anything dodgy going on..... Inside the keyfob there are metal prongs that kind of cradle the battery..... their job is to make a connection with the very small circuit board on the other bit of the keyfob. If you look closely at the circuit board there are two gold areas about 5mm wide (well they should be gold) you will see the positions they are in match up with the metal prongs on the other bit of the keyfob. Its these gold areas that were the cause of the problem...... they were covered in a greyish dusty coating and the points where they touched the metal prongs were suffering because of this. I simply took a tiny bit of wet & dry and gave these gold areas a very gentle rub to bring them back to fresh metallic gleam (you could use a knife edge but just be very very gentle) you only want to clean/buff off the very thin layer of build up to enable a healthy circuit/connection again. I clicked it back together & it works like a charm now ..... infact the remote boot unlocker is more responsive/quicker than it was before the fault. I really hope this helps some head scratchers out there.... ********** One more thing..... the button inside the car will not work while there is this poor connection inside the remote as the remote isn't sending the correct signal to the car ..... As soon as I did this simple 30 second clean up of the contacts inside the keyfob the internal boot unlock button worked perfectly along with the keyfob. Happy days :0) PS ..... 1st post on here so I hope its in the right place....... mods feel free to copy & post this in any other sections where it could be useful.... or move it to the right place. Ta!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums gusintheuk :)