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  1. Is My Focus Meant To Be This Thirsty?

    if it's a 5-speed & you are mostly doing 70-80mph then yes, it'll be thirsty. I'm averaging ~35mpg in the summer (less in winter) in mixed motoring babying it. By comparison I came from a heavier Toyota Avensis estate with the same 2.2 turbo-diesel that you had in your Lexus & I would average 42mpg winter/45 summer (on largely motorway work I would get ~55mpg) without having to try. For high speed motorway work the Focus badly needs that 6th gear for better mpg.
  2. Zetec S

    sounds about right for mine too. By comparison my Toyota Avensis estate with a 2.2 turbo-diesel (bigger, heavier & more powerful car) averaged around 42-45mpg. If you are doing average mileage it's going to cost you £hundreds more in fuel per year.
  3. Visteon 6000Cd "phone" Issue

    Thanks for the reply. It seems to have stopped for the moment so it could well be a poor connection that is being jiggled about.
  4. Visteon 6000Cd "phone" Issue

    bump. Am I just the "lucky" one?
  5. Visteon 6000Cd "phone" Issue

    My car is fitted withe the Visteon 6000CD but as far as I know not Bluetooth (no signs of Voice on the stalk). Unfortunately the radio/CD playback (probably Aux too if I used it) keeps being interrupted & the display shows "PHONE". This is happening enough to be a complete pain. Often the only way to restore sound is to switch it off & then on again. Anybody else had this? Could it be a firmware problem & if so how can I check version & update? Any other suggestions?
  6. Front Windscreen Washers.

    ebay item no. 120791361144 looks like £11.49 for 1 jet not a pair though
  7. Front Windscreen Washers.

    you need more/better screenwash solution.
  8. Installing Parking Sensors

    shouldn't be too different from
  9. Self Fit Reversing Sensors - Bumber Removal

    will probably be similar to this
  10. Front Windscreen Washers.

    well, they heat the nozzles so that they don't freeze. you can buy the heated mist nozzles for about £13 delivered (there is a link on here somewhere).
  11. Indicator Noise

    you should try a Toyota - even quieter.
  12. Seat Covers For My Focus 1.6 59Plate

    Aldi & Lidl both do side airbag compatible ones for ~£15 a set from time to time & iirc they have both just had them in the last few weeks. You can of course spend a lot more if you want to.
  13. Remote Locking / Alarm 57 Plate Zetec

    my 58 Zetec has 2 keys - 1 with buttons & 1 without
  14. another thing worth considering is how long that you are likely to keep the car & costs over that life. Modern turbo-diesels are pretty complex (they have to be to pass Euro emissions tests) which means that when things (DMF, DPF, injectors, turbo etc.) do go wrong they are expensive to fix. Normally aspirated petrols tend to be easier/cheaper to fix but against that you won't get as high an mpg & you will usually pay a higher RFL. TDs tend to be more expensive to buy & that used to be offset by lesser depreciation - now that TDs represent 50% or more of new car sales that is no longer true. If the economics are close or immaterial to you buy what you find to be the more pleasant to drive.
  15. Andy's Focus Zetec

    there isn't a Green Cotton filter listed for the 125BHP 1.8 petrol, there is a Pipercross though.