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  1. mpr1956

    Sync Black Screen

    Hi, I have had something like this happen with my kuga.... It's like the software is stuck in a loop. I gott out of this by pressing voice and giving the cancel command, which freed everything up and restored normality. I hope this might work for you before you have to go into your fusebox! Best regards, Martin
  2. Hi there, I have the same model, engine and year as your focus, and there is no fluid top up required on mine.. Also I am up to 120000 miles without dpf or turbo issues (hopefully I won't regret saying that) my egr has been blanked for 3 years so that may have helped. Personally I wouldn't hesitate to delete the dpf and egr and remap, as long as I could trust the guys doing it.. -There lies your real problem, if they do it wrong then you could hardly take legal action. Best regards, Martin
  3. mpr1956

    Ford Focus Steering Issue

    Hi.. I had the same symptoms with my 2010 tdci 1.6.. groaning and creaking. I Changed both strut top bearings ( around 30 quid the pair from ford) and everything was quiet and smooth again. Took less than 2 hours on the drive (there is a guide on here somewhere). Only special tool needed is a spring compressor (watch your fingers and eyes!) Regards, Martin. (ps I had done about 60000 when they started failing)
  4. Hi will, I've experienced something like this after working on my car.. I thought that I'd accounted for all the tools and other items I'd used or changed while under the bonnet, only to have a socket work it's way through the engine bay with an alarming clatter while driving around afterwards. Hopefully your experience is a result of someone forgetting to tidy up after changing a bulb.. Best wishes, Martin
  5. mpr1956

    Egr & Mot

    Hi.. I have had my egr blanked for two mot's (same engine as yours) and the testers cared not a jot. (98000 miles and counting)
  6. mpr1956

    Top Suspension Mount

    ^^^^ What they said, but not a big job, about an hour a side perhaps with the second one being a lot easier and quicker. Stopped all the creaking, cracking and groaning from my front suspension... Time well spent!! Regards, Martin
  7. mpr1956

    Sound Deadening

    Hi madmole, I was wondering about that roofing strip (flashing?) for the doors under the cards.. Does this stuff leave any smells after being applied? The adhesive mat supplied by noisekiller was totally odourless (but pricey!) it's such a faff removing the door cards I only want to do it once!
  8. mpr1956

    Sound Deadening

    Hi Piran, I have a mk 2.5 hatch with 205/50/17's, and like you I found road noise an issue. I splashed out on a custom kit from noisekiller, which was around 200 quid and did help quite a bit. I'm sure you could do the same job quite a bit cheaper if you just bought the insulating material and cut it out yourself ( I see you have an estate, so a thick rug in the back could help, for almost nothing!) regards, Martin
  9. mpr1956

    Advice Please?

    Hi Neil, hope you don't mind my input for what it's worth.. I have the 2010 1.6 diesel zetec s with 17 inch wheels and 205/50 tyres. Be aware that that tyre noise with this combination is quite intrusive, and can quickly get on your nerves. I've spent a fair amount of time searching for the quietest tyres (currently Dunlop sports blue response if anyone cares) apart from that, I still love the way it drives after 3 years and 86 thousand miles! Ps I haven't given the turbo a thought.. (hope I don't regret saying that) regards, Martin
  10. mpr1956

    Focus Egr Blank & Eml?

    Hi there, I have the same car and have had my egr blanked with the solid plate for nearly 2000 miles now with no eml. Hope this helps, Martin
  11. mpr1956

    Weird Noise

    Hi Jim.. check that your tyres aren't making the noise. Mine wore "steps " on the tread which caused quite a drone at speed.. 2010 Sea Grey Focus Zetec S
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums mpr1956 :)