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  1. I got this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271078325177 I actually got it for my old car, the main reason being it is nice and small and the odb port is inside the fuse box on my old renault so not much room in there. But with this being in China it took a good 3-4 weeks to arrive and by that time I had scrapped the renault and bought my focus. Thankfully it fits perfect and is nice and small too. Also it seems to go into some sort of power saving mode when the bluetooth is disconnected, so no need to unplug it to save battery. I tried all the weird settings in Torque, like fast connection which it says might not work with some adapters, but this one seems to handle it fine. I've only had it a few days so I'm still figuring out the options. If anything the MPG/Trip and clock are good. I'd really like to see the air intake values and gear changes, but haven't figured out how to do that yet. I occasionally get low power and I want to know if it is related to air intake. I went to Morrisons with my wife at the weekend, when I arrived in the car park I said to her, it cost us 65p to get here. Her response "Are you going to do this every trip!". "Yes love, yes I am". :P
  2. Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    Arggh don't tell us it was great then don't say which one it was. :) I too am looking for one, my car didn't come with Bluetooth or voice controls, I'm thinking it'd make more sense just to upgrade the head unit than buying Bluetooth and controls etc...wouldn't mind satnav too while I'm at it.
  3. Sony Headunit For Focus 2009

    Which one is that? http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/car_accessories/Ford/Focus/09_2004/page.html
  4. Follow Up On Stolen Car

    I would go back and ask for more. I think they might deliberately undervalue as some people will just accept it. Its been a long time but my parents car was stolen when I was younger, they went back two or three times and complained about the value they were being offered for the car, the insurance company kept on increasing how much they would pay out. Might as well put up a fight, you've got nothing to lose.
  5. Flip Key

    Thanks for the guide. I managed to turn my non remote key into a flip key. The hardest part was definitely getting that transponder out of the non remote key. It took a good hour of gradually trimming down the plastic with a knife being careful not to damage the transponder. The plastic is very hard and the transponder appears to have been glued in with super glue at the factory, so there's no simply flipping it out, all you can do is trim down the plastic. I would only recommend this mod to those with patience and who like a challenge. Opened Non-Remote Key: I wedged a screwdriver in the back to open this up, it's mainly held in by the slot in the middle. Put the screwdriver in the side that has the keyring to avoid damaging the transponder. Transponder: Real bugger getting this out without damaging it. Empty Flip Key: Very hard to get a shot of this as you have to hold the metal part down or the spring will shoot away. Flip Key with Transponder: Thankfully it fit first time. I put it in narrow side towards where the blade will go. Lenny you asked about opening the flip key up to fix the spring. I don't think this is going to be easy. The instruction with the new key section said that it must be glued together after the transponder is fitted otherwise it will come apart. So I guess they are all glued together. You could just wedge something in and use brute force, I don't think any of the latches will break. The problem will be trying to get a new spring that matches what is in there. You could just give the key an extra twist and that should give enough tension on the spring. Or if you totally break it, get a new flip key cut and transfer the transponder.
  6. Zetec Diesel

    Seems expensive. Check auto trader and you'll see 2K cheaper and lower mileage. Diesel is worth the extra cost than petrol though, you'll save a few hundred a year on fuel if you do 10K miles a year.
  7. New Key Fob

    Can anyone recommend someone in the South East who can program a transponder? I'll provide the key, just need the transponder programming, or cloning from my two other keys. I emailed 4 locksmiths in my area who say they do transponder programming and not one of them replied. Maybe they aren't happy they can't fleece me for £250 for the whole new key? I'm not willing to pay that much for a third spare key.
  8. Thanks for the guide I managed to get it done. Easy when you remove the coffee cup holder etc. Also found lots of coffee under the cup holder mat, pretty disgusting, glad it is cleaned up now.
  9. Thanks, looks easy when you do it, I'll have a go, hopefully enough access with the cup holder off. I have an actual car phone charger that would normally be plugged into the cigarette socket. I just took it apart and soldered a cable directly into it so I can hide it behind the trim. So I don't think it should need a separate fuse. I can't imagine having that big coiled wiring going up to the cradle, how ugly.
  10. Doh put this in the wrong forum, sorry. BTW hi I'm Pete. :P
  11. Hi I've just purchased a Ford Focus 2009 1.6 Zetec and am in the progress of doing a number of mods to get it the way I like. Most important for me is the phone cradle in my car, I want this to have a permanent supply which I believe the 12v cigarette socket provides. I had this set up in my old car so I removed all the old wiring before I got it scrapped, now I just need to find somewhere to splice it in. I was aiming to join it to the center socket , but I can't seem to get good access to this. I did manage to get the cover from under the handbrake to lift off and I can see the cables running there, but their is very little access. I tried to remove the drawer under the window heaters, but I can't seem to figure out how to remove it. I suppose I could remove the radio and connect it to the back of that, but I'd prefer to keep it on the socket wiring as that's where it should be really. Any suggestions?
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums CheesyPeteza :)