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  1. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    ok update on the vibration thing. found two of my alloys we slightly buckled,!! had new tyres put on all of them and no one said anything. this is how i found out, but not saying you do this. jack drivers side wheel up, hand brake on other wheels chocked, traction control off. put in 4th run speed up to 35mph got slight vibration in the car. took it up to 50-60mph the car vibrated like hell. swapped other wheels for the same hub and found 2 wheels no vibration but another slight vibration. took wheels to garage and they checked wheels again and found my wheels were slightly oval. changed for another 2 wheels had them all balanced again and the vibration a lot better but still slightly there.
  2. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    ok changed mount small splits both sides but nothing major thumping still there also vibration i have had the car for 11 years now so no boy racer there! lol. i did how ever when checking things found fair play in n/s driveshaft when twisted backwards and forwards can hear gears in box knocking. i also have thumping when going over uneven road sounds like coming from front suspension somewhere??
  3. Mk1 1.6 85,000 Miles

    had a good poke around tonight only thing that i could move was the rear lower arm bush the other thing i noticed was both lower ball joints rubbers had split there was no movement in them yet?
  4. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    ok up date checked rear engine mount to chassis no movement back forwards only can move end on engine side to side a bit. checked engine mount on drivers side no movement checked gearbox mount on passenger side can't move the engine but when put screw driver down between body and centre mount there is quite a bit of movement. the mount seems to have cracks and splits on either side. the mount only seems to be joined left and right side with kind of bump stop at the rear i suppose to stop engine moving backwards too much is this right? could this cause kind of like thumping when moving very slowly in traffic and you lift the clutch up a bit quick and when the clutch bites hits i hear a thump....
  5. Mk1 1.6 85,000 Miles

    Do i replace them or can i just tighten them?
  6. Mk1 1.6 85,000 Miles

    Hi just starting to have another problem if any one can shine any light. i am starting to get like a kind of deep thudding noise from the suspension everytime i go over small indents in the road. the left side seems worse. could it be the suspension leg, leg top bush or the lower arm bushes that are worn? how can i check? not sure if these could contribute to the other symtom that i have on the vibration thing cheers
  7. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    hi mate ain't got any money yet to play around with and its too dam cold to mess. i have noticed when you lift the clutch up a bit quick and the car jerks i can hear a thud noise. so i was thinking of looking at the rear gearbox mounting to see if there is any movement in that. apart from that i am still at a loss without spending shed loads with no results...
  8. Mud Flaps

    got ford universal ones on mine they do stick out a bit. plus side they hit the kurb before your alloys do and stop a lot of spray up the sides but have to do a few mods to make them stop on. i used to have a pair on my mk2 fiesta but not sure they still do them now
  9. Mk1 Instrument Cluster Problem

    just stumbled on this problem, i had same problem ford did a recall on the cluster as it was on watch dog they changed mine for £100 quid at the dealer, problem solved. only thing is the mileage will be set back to zero so keep the receipt for your records..
  10. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    not yet?
  11. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    to answer your questions... when was the mot'd and serviced last? mot december 2012 had new rear spring on as was broken. thats the first time have had anything done, as saled through each time. serviced in may 2012 also how and when did this start? started about 2 years ago and slowly getting worse How many miles has she done? 83,000 steady miles bit of history.. i have had the car since 2001 with 10,000 miles on the clock i have had numerous rear wheel bearings gear box fixed about 5 years ago may be longer after i accidently slammed it in reverse with no clutch (bad mood)had a couple of cogs changed. had clutch changed twice (when gearbox done)cause had judder and it stunk, (cheap clutch i think) so decided to have proper ford clutch in that cured that. cheaky git tried to blame my driving! got k&n panel filter in original box and miltek cat back on. but i am no boy racer (too old for that now) just wanted it sound nice and i wouldn't have to pay for another exhaust, lol as i knew i was keeping the car for a while. few cosmetics and thats about it. only really started noticing it when i go on holiday, 5 in car towing trailer, which isn't very often. but now you can feel it with just 4 people in and no trailer, only when 45+ accelerating slightly mainly in 5th. just annoying really when i know every one can feel it.
  12. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    ok, i will see what i can do, the engine feels solid but i don't suppose you can see the mount very well until you remove it. just to add another word, it feels like the whole car is shimmering, and if you have a loose piece of clothing on you can see it shimmering . i dont get any vibration when on tick over either.
  13. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    Thanks guys yes it does stop when you let off the throttle i thought being when under load it would put more torque on the drive train therefore if anything out, it would make it vibrate more. this happens when in straight line so cv joints ok no click when on lock either. changed pads discs... no wobble on steering at any speed had new tyres on balanced tracking checked sweet when throttle off or coasting, only happens when accelerating in 4/5th gear and over 45mph up to about 70mph. what you think? still think engine mount if so, the question is which one?
  14. Vibration When Driving Under Load Mk1 Focus 1.6

    sorry to bring this up again but had the drive o/s complete drive shaft changed today and the problem is still there, and suggestion please? Thanks
  15. Newbie

    HI Folks another newbie and still driving the old Gal, still got some life in her yet!