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  1. Steering Wobble - Help

    I'll get the drive shafts checked on my MOT - due in next few weeks. Cheers
  2. Anyone Else Notice This?

    Press Twice, then shut boot and car should lock itself again.
  3. Steering Wobble - Help

    Update - Laser Tracking didn't help on wheels - and I'm £40 lighter.
  4. Steering Wobble - Help

    Hi, I do get a wobble when braking also, but I have been told my discs are warped and this is what's causing it?? I have ordered new discs and pads and will fit them soon. Can you describe where the lower arm bushes are? I'm more of a computer tech than a car tech. Please let me know if any of the work completed on your car fixes the wobble Pitmaster. Thanks.
  5. Steering Wobble - Help

    Hi, Is it worth getting a 4 wheel alignment or just the front wheels? Thanks again
  6. Steering Wobble - Help

    Thanks artscot, I guess I could have the wheels examined, by wheels you mean the alloy? I'll give the alignment a try as well as I have seen a couple of other posts where alignment has helped with steering wobble. Any other ideas? - I've read that it could be dry CV joints> Thanks
  7. Steering Wobble - Help

    Hi, I've been reading through many many posts on the forum regarding steering wobble but I can't seem to find any definitive answers to my problem. Basically I have had my 07 Reg 1.8 Sport for a few years now and ever since I bought it there has been a very bad steering wobble at around 60mph + I have lived with it for for as I do not normally have do do more than 60mph on a daily basis. This wobble hasn't got any worse since buying the car... Recently I have swapped wheels from back to front but this didn't help much, then had four new Goodyear Tyres, still didn't help the issue. I've had the front re-balanced by another garage who said driver side wheel was 'out'. Still no difference. The guy at the garage said he can't see anything wrong with ball joints or something similar. Surely this can't be a balancing problem as it would have been sorted by now. The wheels seems OK, no dents etc.. Light vibration starts at around 40mph then gets progressively worse at 60mph where the steering wheel will wobble around 1-2cm each way. I know others have had the same problem as myself, but did anyone fix the issue? Many Thanks
  8. Door Sensor For Dash Lights Etc...

    Many Thanks for your help Clive, I never received an email when you replied so sorry for the delay, i'll try the wd-40 and the new search term "Courtesy Light" I'll let you know how I get on...
  9. Hi, I've had a problem with my driver side door for a while and now it's coming to winter I don't want to forget that my lights are on all the time, i'd like to hear the 'ding' noise etc.. Does anyone know if there are fuses for each door sensor? All the other doors work (information on dash shows). Is there a fuse for all - if so then there is obviously something wrong with the door catch... Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction of what to be looking for, or if anyone has had the same issue and resolved it?... Or does anyone actually know what this part is called, as door sensor doesn't bring up anything in searches for parts. I have a FORD FOCUS 2007 Sport. Many Thanks for any feedback.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums thomash :)

    1. thomash


      Thanks - Hope I find all the info I need..