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  1. Two more sceptic climate scientists Sallie Louise Baliunas http://t.co/GcONr3mf and Chris de Freitas http://t.co/A3ngTZfJ

  2. Has a survey been done to check there are enough of the LBGT community represented in boardrooms?

  3. Is the taxpayer allowed to see the Rotherham SS report under FOI. Any report funded by taxpayer should be open and transparent. (LOL)

  4. Read this, UN involvement in your rising energy bills. Agenda 21 & more. Your governments collusion. #CommonPurpose http://t.co/bZT1XLin … …

  5. Its #LevesonLeveson because the journalists have a personal interest. By-elections eclipsed.

  6. Why Is The US Building A Secret $100 Million Underground Facility Outside Tel Aviv? http://t.co/t975zIqn via @BI_Defense

  7. Any new laws on press should ask the question "Would this regulation have stopped the MP expenses scandal being reported"?

  8. Identify the Puritans, cheese regs. Drink prices, smoking regs, Stop the carbon, fat taxes, sugar taxes. If you enjoy it, stop it or we will

  9. Does Cam know that he will do only one term hence doesn't care about booze prices, parking fees, press freedom etc. Is he saying "I'm out".

  10. The European Parliament voted that the Commission introduce legislation to determine when credit card companies can deny payments=EU diktat

  11. New taxation on booze. Old Etonians and parliamentarians unaffected. Poor biggest losers.

  12. Common purpose: more profits for supermarkets, and cut down the plebs drinking. Policy of Old Etonian.

  13. Spectator article from Alex Massie interesting, but note that he was born after EU sorted, and UK was better before EU yoke.

  14. Would it be provocative to say Muslim men in Rotherham were and will be satisfied with a Labour Council.