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  1. Badge Overlays

    I don't want to walk into this procedure blindfolded like I did when I was respraying the dash, so can someone give me a rough guide or a step-by step if your really nice on what exactly I would have to do to get these overlays on... Can they be taken off? Bonus question - Can't seem to find a name for it, but whats the bit of aftermarket plastic you can buy that covers the top tiny slit grill(the one with the ford badge in the middle) or is it just called a bonnet lip or something?
  2. North Westerners...

    We should organise a meet somewhere in the near future. Want to show off the few mods I have done atm and get some ideas for some more
  3. Ford Day Blackpool

    Any more details on it? I'll be at a festival in Croatia late august early September, so all depends on my final dates.
  4. Will my car already have this update if I bought it second hand from a ford dealer in November?
  5. Looking For -

    With the FW colour coded dash/door handles/ac fitters and that, it will look nice hopefully.
  6. Looking For -

    Well once I get my dash back, it's going to look a bit out of place. So definitely interested in this as a replacement.
  7. Looking For -

    Laugh away if you will, but will this fit on my gear stick? http://www.motorspeed.com/Auto-Style-White-Leather-Chrome-Gear-Knob-Sy314w/cat/3/sub/14/product/3900
  8. Debadging

    Done this last week for my mk7, looks great with a smooth back to it! hairdyer, lots of hot soapy water, and a good strength card...bish bash bosh
  9. My red LED's are in and working, looks smart at night
  10. Throwing Some Ideas Around

    Nath, your video was quite helpful on removing them, although i had a little difficulty removing the stereo amd the very top part of the dash over the screen. May have snapped one of the clips :/
  11. Mk6 Fiesta, St150 Engine Swap?

    Im afriad i have to agree with marc on this one. Looked into this myself not long after getting my license and in all seriousness, the guy on th phone(from the insurance company) genuinly laughed. You'll be waiting a while mate, get the look of thencar sorted, then 2/3 years down the line, get a complete engine swap... Thats what im going to try Anyone know if you can put a focus engine in a fiesta zetec? Wont be happening for a long time regardless
  12. Throwing Some Ideas Around

    So i managed to have a free day today and had a go at my first ever mod. Took all the plastics out from the dash/handles/air-conditioning.... Although the first one didnt go down too well, its been so far so good at the moment. Any tips on how to get in all of the horrible creases to sand them? Waiting on the paint to dry for the handles/air con so far, then to do some lacquer in the morning. Havent made a start on the centre dash yet, still trying to figure out how to sand those damn creases
  13. Ford Fair 2013

    I'll be attending this year. Will be my first year, hopefully coming along with a mate of mine...he doesn't drive a ford but I still go the VW days with him.
  14. Throwing Some Ideas Around

    Had a struggle trying to upload pics here last time, but apparently I just need to get a photobucket account which I will do soon
  15. Throwing Some Ideas Around

    Just purchased ;) Look forward to getting these in, got the red in the end, think it looks smart