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    Focus wheel bearings

    Interesting thought! The front tyres are Accieieta and the rear are Energy, 195/60/R15 on alloys.
  2. silinman

    Focus wheel bearings

    I bought a 2004 used Focus LX TD DI last November and have been very pleased with my purchase. About 3 weeks ago I became aware of a regular speed related binding noise from the rear, and my local garage said I needed a new wheel bearing. This was done at a cost of around £120 and all was well, except this week I have noticed a similar noise coming from the front - the same garage now tells me that one of the front wheel bearings is now going. Is this a known problem with this model, or am I just unlucky, and should I have the other two bearings changed at the same time? TIA
  3. silinman

    Which type of oil

    Thanks for that guys.
  4. silinman

    Which type of oil

    I have recently bought a 1.8 Focus LX TD and am very pleased with the new car. I read in the handbook that the oil required is Formula E SAE5W-30. My question is simply how careful must I be when buying oil as there are so many alternatives on offer in the shops these days. Is it good enough to simply buy any oil having a 5W-30 spec, or must I look for the more expensive semi synthetic brands. TIA