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  1. Focus 02 TDi Rear Axel/Wheel Noise

    Thanks for your replies. I've read that bearings would be a constant rumble that would change tone when turning different directions. (?) Our car has a noise which is the same turning either direction and 'cycles'. The noise comes and go's as though something is catching at a certain point on the wheel/tyre/axel. Driving at a low speed it 'cycles' slowly and increases with speed. Does this type of noise still match a bearing problem?
  2. Hello, We have an 02 Focus TDi which has a 'rumbling noise' coming from the rear axel/wheels. At low speeds the noise happens quicker as we speed up and slower as we slow down to a stop. Once you get above a certain speed you can't notice it (or if the stereo/fan is on high), we only notice it when its quiet in the cabin and there are no vibrations through either the handbrake/steering/pedals etc. Our next steps will to be swap the wheels from back to front and see if it moves to the front, check the rear wheel bearings and see if the brakes are binding on the rear drums. Before looking into it any further has anyone else had this and found the cause of the problem? Could it be something more than the checks we intend to carry out? Thanks in advance