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  1. I have a 1998 S reg 2.0lx mondeo and was wondering whether it has ABS or not.i've mislaid the handbook to it at the moment. I need to know because i've got to get the cv joint done and the wishbone on the nearside front.
  2. my main key to my car opens it and starts it no problem, but for some reason the remote doesn't work on it. i have put new batteries in it and the little red led light up on it when the buttons are pressed. the car was second hand and the batteries were dead in the key when i bought it. what could the problem be? can i get the circuit board replaced inside the key without paying for a complete one?
  3. i'm new to fords and was hoping to buy a 99 2.0i zetec. it's up for £850.it has FSH,including cambelt change (haven't asked when it was changed) and 9 months MOT. My question is what to look for RE mechanical problems etc. i need a sound reliable family car.