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  1. Thanks for the replies. I can't see how the bracket would fix onto the exhaust itself. When you say round bar, do you mean rebar? As in the stuff that is used to reinforce concrete?
  2. i have a Ford Mondeo Edge 2008 and the metal piece which goes into the rubber holder at the rear of the vehicle for the exhaust has rusted through. The exhaust pipe and box look okay. Looks like a grinding and welding job to remove the remnants of the old piece of metal which is secured to the exhaust box and fix on a new one. Anyone know whether any metal can be used or there is a particular part to order or if I need to start replacing other exhaust parts?
  3. Hello there, I have a Ford Mondeo 2008 2.0L Petrol (Manual) which has developed a problem over the last 4 days. When I turn the engine on, the car shakes at what appear to be random intervals. This continues for as long as the car is running. If I go on my way, it feels like when you are running on the last few ml of fuel before the car grinds to a halt irrespective, particularly noticeable when trying to maintain a lower speed between 1-30 mph. Travelling and stopping makes no difference, the symptoms remain. I was hoping this problem would simply disappear. Sometimes the rev counter goes up and down from under 1000 revs to over 1000 revs and other times the rev counter remains almost perfectly steady, but regardless the symptoms remain the same (see the videos linked at the bottom for evidence). Using the clutch pedal makes no difference. I have a medium amount of engine oil and it isn't due an oil change yet, I do less than 10,000 miles a year. I am quite concerned because even my passengers can feel it, meaning it is a particularly strong movement (smaller ones you would only notice as the driver). A faulty idle air control valve would explain the problem in standing traffic but not the fact that you can feel something is wrong when on the move. The injectors were changed approx. 2 years ago so don't think this is the problem. Can someone please tell me what they think this is and how easy it is to repair? In case anyone has experience with the symptoms described, I have uploaded a couple of videos: Any thoughts?
  4. I have used switch cleaner and it seemed to work for a while but now it is as intermittent as it was before. I have reapplied on a number of occassions to no avail.
  5. My horn has developed a similar fault to this now as well. No idea what to do about this..
  6. Ford Mondeo Mkiv 2008 2.00L 3.5Mm Audio Input

    Thank you both for your suggestions. Are there better adapters than the Griffin one that I have? Like I said, same adapter never a problem in the previous car.
  7. You have just saved me tons of time. I used some GT85 as this is what I had handy in the same way you described, having had the same problem but with it working less often than it did, and it worked like a charm. Thank you.
  8. Hello there, I have a basic Ford Mondeo MKIV, which comes with the basic CD player (I think it is a CD 6000 or something) as standard with a 3.5MMM aux line in inside the glove compartment. Nice idea, but not very practical for me as the driver when I want to skip songs. I would like introduce a second 3.5 mm panel mount jack socket somewhere in the central area of the car and wondered how easy it would be to add this without removing the existing jack in the glove compartment and moving that elsewhere? It would be really useful if I could use either at any point (although never both at the same time, of course). Can anyone please help me with this? Also, I get this ticking noise if I attempt to listen to the mp3 player which trying to charge it through a cigarette lighter to USB adapter. Can anyone please tell me how I get around this? I previously owned a Ford Mondeo MKIII and using the same set up I had no problems.
  9. Pipe Fallen Out Of Passenger Side

    Any tips?
  10. Pipe Fallen Out Of Passenger Side

    I figured that might be the case, I had a play this morning and had no luck locating the connector.
  11. Pipe Fallen Out Of Passenger Side

    Thank you for your reply. It isn't venting in the strictest sense (thinking about flexible pipe), it is a solid piece of plastic. It appears to be the part at the top left corner of this diagram: http://www.fordcat.ru/shop/1/parts/1273535
  12. Looked it up and it looks like this is what it is: FORD 6G9118C299BE Output Socket - Heater I have a Ford Mondeo Edge Hatchback 2008, can anyone please tell me how to put it back in place? Better still, are there any pictures of this procedure? Couldn't find anything in the Haynes manual. Thank you kindly in advance.
  13. Tdci Black Smoke And Chugging Help!!!

    Hello there! The symptoms you describe were exactly the same as those that my car was suffering with. I have a 2005 Ford Mondeo Estate TDCI 2.0 Diesel. I used Wynns fuel additive on half a tank of diesel as recommended to clear the different components thinking that the internal parts of the car were dirty. I also used the Wynns EGR spray by loosening the jubilee clip holding the hose in place and got my Wife to rev the engine between 2000 and 3000 RPM (whilst spraying straight up into the EGR) as I have read this solution works best when the engine is hot. Despite doing the above, still no luck. I had my car serviced thinking that would resolve the problem, and the garage reassured me that it wasn't belting out black smoke anymore. I persevered to no avail. Of course by this point I had read information on various forums pointing to the fact that in this situation there is a split in the hose between the intercooler and EGR. But when I looked I couldn't see any split. Going back to the engine and looking carefully another day, I noticed black deposits which didn't look like they should be there. I used some tissue to wipe the hose and that is when I noticed there were two splits on the hose. One was on the underside and the other on the left side, each were approximately 1 inch long. By this point I realised that I had found the problem and needed to do something about it. I called Ford to enquire how much it would cost to buy a replacement and they quotes just over £70.00 including VAT (pick up only). I found out the part number was 1222831. Looking on the internet I found out there are third party products out there, made of silicon (which is much more durable) and all in (including P&P) it came to just under £35.00 from a British manufacturer and seller (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300834160523) - FORD MONDEO EGR TO INTERCOOLER HOSE TDCi MK3 SILICONE TURBO BOOST PIPE . I then had a problem, knowing it would take a few days to arrive and still needing to use the car. In a desperate bid to alleviate the symptoms in the interim I got two toilet rolls and cut them down one side vertically. I places them over the holes and then proceeded to secure them in place with 4 cable ties. This was extremely effective and eventually the air leakage was stopped and the oil running through the pipe helped to seal the splits like a blood clot when you cut yourself. This was how it looked: I was much happier driving the car after this. Then the part arrived today. So I parked the car half on the kerb to give myself space and got under the car, removed the torx screws from the the two pieces of plastic panels which protect the front end underside of the car. With the plastic out of the way, I could see where the hose connected using a smaller jubilee clip and loosened this. I then went at the top jubilee clip and loosened that. After this, it was just a case of loosening the pipe from the top and bottom and then taking it out. The new one went on easily, and I just used the original jubilee clips to secure it in place of the original. The top jubilee clamp needs to be forcibly removed from the original hose, which it is secured to using metal teeth. Just make sure you put the jubilee clips on the right way round, as they were originally so that you can tighten them back up properly. Then you just have to put the plastic panels back on. I've seen people quote £150.00 for parts and labour to get this sorted, I got it done correctly for £35.00. I wish you luck, hopefully it wont be a problem for much longer.
  14. Self Fitting Rear Parking Sensors

    Can someone please provide photos of the installation? I am desperate to get mine fitted. I also want to know the safest/tidiest way to connect this system to the reverse light cable please!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Sheepdisease :)