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  1. Mike - thanks for advising on loom issue - I'll ask the garage to take a look at this before I head off to make my case to them. Between your post and my last post I called a Coventry number which auto answers as 'BBC Watchdog/Ford Customer Care...' http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=62482 ..And the Ford careline chap there logged my case with a ref number and said the £99 deal was a limited offer deal (from 2008) but that I could certainly try for a 'reduced rate' fix to the problem and that this specific recall was never posted by Ford on their recall database it was only honoured by folks lucky enough to hear about it via BBC Watchdog. I suppose that in itself gives me a little leverage.. Thanks again and i'll post back. Regards, James.
  2. Hi Clive - Thanks for the post. I had a browse around and quickly checked the Ford recall website http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do and found no outstanding recalls on this model so I spoke to a main dealer just now and they also see nothing is outstanding so I'm wondering if this likely means Ford wipe off any record of a recall after a period of time which is a pain but either way looks like i'll need a new dashboard cluster or whatever they diagnose - ouch ! Do you know if I'm a wiser man if I purchase from Ford rather than look around for a breaker's cluster and do you know if I could fit myself (I am DIY savvy but that only) ? I'm thinking best Ford fix this one. Cheers, James.
  3. Hi Clive, Thanks very much for your reply - i'll head toward the Ford workshop and see if they can honour this recall but either way it's best I get this sorted. Thanks very much for your advice as ever as it really helps send me in the right direction savinf time and cash. all the best. James.
  4. Hi Clive, I recently got the car back from the garage (it had a 3 month engine warranty so I used them to save my knuckles) and they replaced the Sensor but after a few days of use the needle now does not budge at all and even the mileage display blanks out and the garage tell me they are happy the sensor is Ok and the cabling but that the best next move is to take it to a Ford Garage to download the latest software for the dashboard display console. I'm happy to do this but do you think this is a good next step and really also I get nervous when the manufacturer dealer's name is involved due to cost - but I'm happy to contact them for a quote first of course... Thanks in advance for your help as ever. Regards, James.
  5. Hi, Could somebody advise me on what I can do to solve the problem of my speedometer needle where is suddenly flips to 0 mph (justs stops working) when driving at average speeds and I experience very slight power loss at same time (with my Ford Focus 1.6 LX (Zetec SE 0 2001)) ? I am at basic diy repair level so happy to attempt anything myself if possible with this fault. (I also have an issue with the key fob automatic unlocking not always working and I mention this in case there is any electrical link to the above speedometer issue). Many thanks James.
  6. Job done and I thank you Mintalkin and Stormin and Clive - very much.
  7. Hi to Mintalkin, Stoney 871 & North Sussex Thanks very much for you advice -put my mind at rest that this is diy doable - very much apreciated so thanks again ! James
  8. Hi, I need to replace the hydrolic (x2) hinges that hold open the hatchback door on a Ford Focus 1.6 LX (Zetec SE 0 2001) model. Can anyone advise where I acn look to find the componenents and broadly how to fit them ? Many thanks, James.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums James Lawless :)