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  1. Manual Gearbox symptoms causes ??

    I ALSO have a 1999 1.8 ghia, however, mines done 170k! When you say the gears are difficult to select, do you mean it struggles to actually go into gear, or is the stick just sloppy and its difficult to get it into the correct gate? On mine, the second is true, so I need to adjust or replace the linkgage, but if its the first, it will be a gearbox / clutch fault.
  2. No spare wheel !

    I knew the CO2 excuse was bull lol
  3. No spare wheel !

    But as i mentioned on my previous post, using tyre weld effectively writes off the tyre, so when before if you used a spare you can get the puncture mended, if you use weld, you have to buy a new tyre. And if youve got a half worn tyre, your have to buy two! Not to mention what someone else mentioned that if your sidewall splits, tyre weld is useless. And you dont have to be driving in this situation either, tyres can get slashed by bored teenagers, or a jagged stone on a rough road can bugger a tyre easily enough. A spare is far more sensible, and cheaper in the long run.
  4. Brakes in the snow!

    Well ive found in the snow with the focus that the pedal goes rock hard, and didnt 'drill' as such due to the tyres having no purchase. Drilling will normally occur from the tyres taking up grip and releasing under the pulses from the ABS. in zero grip situations, the tyres cant get a purchace so the abs tends to stay released more than applied, so you lose the pulsing sensation. Found the same in the transit in the last bout of snow we had a few years back as well. Not saying for a second his brakes arn't faulty though, and he should definately get them checked... its just ice and ABS is not a sensation a lot of people have felt. In fact my neighbour near on scared herself to death from Ice + ABS syndrome coming into the cul-de-sac and ended up half in a hedge as it just refused to stop. Luckily there were no cars parked there!
  5. Starting Problems

    Is it turning over at normal speed, or is it laboured?

    Im afraid your mechanics diagnosis is the same as mine, definately sounds like the clutch master cylinder :(
  7. engine idle speed

    A paper clip test means you need to bridge two pins on a diagnostic plug, the management light then flashes a sequence which you match to a list, telling you what is wrong, but i thought it was only doable on the old vauxhall ECU's? A quick google kind of confirms that. Unless you ford boys call it something else?
  8. engine idle speed

    Thats probably your engine management light telling you the ICV is faulty. If what I put above doesnt work, getting the car plugged into a diagnostic machine will probably send you in the right direction.
  9. engine will not turn over

    I agree, but if you say the fuel pump is continuing to run even with the key out of the ignition, i would be looking at the immobiliser first
  10. is this the timing belt

    lol, i know i was only jesting.
  11. is this the timing belt

    Yep, ive seen that. Was the same when i did the chain on my old Transit! Ford designers should be shot! Oopsie, sorry, forgot where i was for a minute :P
  12. is this the timing belt

    Meh, with the VAT it was only an extra tenner, plus the convenience of picking it up the same day.
  13. is this the timing belt

    Where abouts are you in the UK? Im in Yate, near Bristol. Im bunging a belt on this focus i just bought the other day, if your close and want to come over and watch you're welcome to. Alternatively, ill bung you one on for less than a dealer will charge, but i want to do mine first as ive never done a ford one before :) And the belt kit for mine came in at 80 quid!!
  14. engine idle speed

    I take it they are both injection models, and that problem is known as 'hunting' and is normally caused by a sticky ICV (idle control valve) or an air leak somewhere around the inlet area. Im afraid I have no idea where your ICV is to show you as im not familiar with ford engines, but it will be cylindrical in shape, and will be bypassing the throttle assembly (a tube will leave the air intake before reaching the throttle body, run through the ICV and then rejoin the TB after the throttle. When you find it, give it a smack with a spanner whilst the engie is hunting, see if that cures it, if not, remove it abd blow some carb cleaner / WD40 down it and refit. If that doesnt work, as I said,. look for air leaks on the inlet, or your ICV needs replacing. HTH :)
  15. Brakes in the snow!

    Unfortunatley what you experienced was normal if you were driving on snow at the time, its the one time where ABS becomes a hinderance. If you have absolutely no grip, when you brake the wheels lock up very easily, therefore all the ABS is doing is constantly releasing the brakes, causing a hard pedal and no braking ability. If you have an ABS switch to disable it, always use it in the snow, but take extra care to brake. If you WEREN'T on snow and you were on a grippy road, follow the advice above and get your brakes checked ASAP, a hard pedal could be a servo fault and will happen randomly.