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  1. Yes please!!!! 👌👌👌👌👌 https://t.co/7BghufJ6pV

  2. Chris malooon to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm too tired to function #notmyfinestidea

  4. “@crushonyou: Pretty woman is on BBC 3. I repeat pretty woman on on now!!! I HATE IT!!!!

  5. “@crushonyou: baked gingerbread :)

  6. “@SimonCowell who is your fav in X factor uk? Xx

  7. So David Cameron is fast tracking !Removed! marriage finally!!! I will actually be able to get hitched!!!! #awesome

  8. My dad has gone to buy me 3 euro millions tickets cos I'm poorly #EuroMillions

  9. Eugh I'm sick of drinking aloe Vera to the point of vomiting

  10. I really need some advice on my Street KA. Its a 2004 plate and since turning the heater on for the first time after buying it, its constantly overheating. I took it to a garage and had the heater switch replaced, they checked the radiator and everything else and could not find the problem. There advice was to take it to a ford specialist, because they believe there could be something blocking a heater/ or heater matrix which is placed right at the back of the engine and to be able to get to it they have to remove the whole front dash which will cost be over 150 quid, even then that might not be the problem. I have just put the heater on to test it and it seems I can hear rustling when I turn the heater on, then straight away the red light on the dash comes on. Does anyone have any advice, or maybe experiencing or experienced the same problem? Thanks
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Hermones :)

    1. Hermones


      Thank you Steve

  12. Wow so my mums been on twitter for ages and I never even knew!!!!!