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  1. #MYWBpledge to travel to the USA hire a Harley and ride one of the greatest motorcycle rides the Route 66

  2. Flashing Glow Plug Light

    Thanks Guys, I am tempted to do the DIY route which is my normal style but as everyone seams to have bad experiences so I think I am off to my local MOT guy as I found out he is ex Ford and might have a good name for this. Wish me luck
  3. Flashing Glow Plug Light

    Hi guys, Tom I could not see the attachments sorry. My wife had taken the car to a garage on the Monday and they wiped the codes before I could see them and said it was the ecu to blame and it needs recoding. Anyway the next day it got worse and cut out on the main road and would not start for ages. After to got home I checked it and the codes were p1211 injector control pressure higher / lower than desired P0251 injector pump fuel metering control A Once I clear them the light goes out but the p1211, stays stored. The Monday garage said the fraud dealers can fix it by reloading the ecu software and recoding but I am not sure how to ask the dealer to without getting them to do everything and I am sure they will want to change pumps injectors and all else! Any ideas???
  4. Flashing Glow Plug Light

    Hi, Pagdin, I also have a rough idle for ages and at last MOT I had a failure on emissions due to smoke. We cleared the smoke by a good thrashing in second I cleaned the EGR valve and its had oil fuel filters etc. More worryingly it has started the flashing coil light and loss of power thing whilst on full throttle but no codes as I have always stopped and restarted resetting the coil light. We last night I drove about 5 miles with the coil light flashing and now I have the engine management light on which hopefully means I can get the codes off it tonight. I'll post what it comes up with but I suspect the injectors at 107k miles I cant complain. Has anyone got a good source of cheap injectors that are reliable?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums juddyjuddster :)

  6. He dusts the top of your couch too http://t.co/UQLM19yv