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  1. Ford KA Revving Problems

    The car's warranty document says it only has cover for 1 year - but after reading your response we phoned the Ford dealership where we bought the car, who said that it was in fact a 3 year warranty - and they have agreed to look at it under warranty. We wouldn't of thought of doing this without your response - so thank you !
  2. I have a 2006 Ford KA (1.3). About 9 months ago it started to rev itself when the engine was idling (i.e. it sounds like it is a boy racer waiting to pull away at the traffic lights) - and idling at quite a high rate (i.e. it can drive itself along at about 15-20 miles per hour in 2nd gear without my foot even being on the accelerator). Initially it only did this intermittently - but it is now more or less a permanent problem, and makes the car quite unnerving to drive. I have taken to our local garage, who have replaced the idle control valve; throttle position sensor; and MAP sensor. They have also stripped down the throttle mechanism and put it all back together again. Each time its been in the garage, it drives OK for about 10-15 miles, before starting to play up again. So far, I've spent about £250 trying to solve the problem - all of which has been wasted. I now have a car which is not yet 3 years old - only has 20k miles on the clock - but which I don't like to drive and won't be able to sell because of this seemingly unsolveable problem. Has anybody else had a similar problem, and if so were they able to solve it ?