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  1. Help And Advice On Selling My Car!!

    Thanks for the reply, I have a couple of days left on the add. ill drop it down when its ending soon.
  2. HI Guys After 3 happy long Years of owning my Focus MK2, I have decided to sell as I been offered a company car. But after a month on I have been struggling to even to get any viewings for my motor. I think the price I have put it up as is very reasonable and I have looked at Autotrader, We Buy Any Car and ect to gauge the price. Ive put the price below some competition with same spec, price and mileage Ive posted my ads on Auto trader, Piston Heads, Gumtree, Free Ads, a Window ad and even on this forum. But I've had hardly any interest after a month, all the photo I've taken are clear and shows the car very well. The cars Spec: Ford Focus Ghia Metallic blue, 45000 miles, Full service history, Rear Parking sensors, Height adjustable driver?s seat, Steering wheel rake adjustment, All round electric windows, Automatic dimming rear view mirror, Folding rear seat, Cruise control, Electric heated windscreen, Passenger airbag, Side airbags, Immobiliser , Space saver spare wheel, Isofix child seat anchor points, Rear armrest, 3x3 point rear seat belt, Front fog lights, Trip computer, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels, Electric door mirrors, Drivers airbag, Remote central locking & Alarm, Steering wheel reach adjustment, Lumbar support, JVC Radio/MP3/CD with Bluetooth, Audio remote control, Child locks, Traction control, Tow Bar added, remote boot unlock, rubber floor matts and boot floor matt added, Mud flaps added all round. Drives perfectly and starts and runs perfect. , Had a DPF recharge and top up at 38000 miles at Ford dealership., Has had new front tyres fitted February of this year., Selling due to downgrade size of car., BLUE, 5 seats, £3,600 I have drop the price from a optimistic £4100 to £3600 but no interest. I really do not want to go down the We Buy any car route as I will get peanuts. But its already cost me £100 in advertisement costs. Links of my car: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201410198340064 http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/ford/focus/ford-focus-54-ghia-1-6-tdci-low-millage-fsh/3021638 http://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy__sell/motors/cars/ford/27588885/2005-ford-focus-16-tdci-ghia-5dr-110-euro-4-2005-45000-miles/view#.VFihPPmsV8E would love the advice, good or bad. Regards
  3. Hello all. Ive bought some reverse parking sensors and plan to install them when weather gets better. I have herd that under the plastic bumper moulding there are already holes for the factory standard sensors would be. I would use them as markers. I would like to know the best way to remove the moulding. Pictures would be appreciated of removal. Also i plan to colour code the mould myself at the same time. Thanks in advance!
  4. Whistling 1.6Tdci

    Hello, such a coincidence that my 2005 1.6 tdci has developed the exact same problem. There no noticeable drop in performance. I would be very interested in the result. Regards
  5. I took these pictures quickly so they are not the best of quality, But i hope these help. ill get round to the day light ones later. Regards P.s Sorry to disappoint about the lack of blond in the photo, Unless a golden retriever counts. :P
  6. Hello I did say in previous post that the fitment was H1/H1. Annoying as i has a set of Osrams Night breakers ready from my stock headlights. Also ask the seller if it comes with a wiring kit to making the l.e.ds turn when you start the car. It never really crossed my mind about the indicators being on the inside, Does not really bother me. They work very well tho. Ill get some pictures when i get the car cleaned up. Probs when i fit mud flaps on but due to the weather at the moment it wont be soon. Times i wish i had a garage. Regards Ha ha, not to sure bout that request. But ill try and get a hot blond to pose in the photo if you want?
  7. Yes the indicators are on the inside. I agree on what you say on the price.. but companies know that people with a passion for cars (the lot of us) will still pay out regardless of the bulb or not. But saying that i was surprised they came with any in the first place. Regards
  8. Hello I understand what you are saying here but firstly: i did not say that the beam of light was poor due to the actual head light, all i said was that the beam of light has a "little" less further reach. But a more defined edge. I clearly stated that I was just used to the light of a higher quality bulb on my old car and im waiting till xmas to upgrade them. Secondly: I did not suggest at all that go driving around with the full beam on like a idiot, all i was saying was that the light of the full beam emitted was great and very clear. Lastly the compromise: All i was stating was that the compromise was minimal due to the fact that you can upgrade the bulb anyways and also i they do not work in the long run, it is not a big job to change them back to stocks. Not like changing coil-overs and finding the ride is to harsh. I to think that a clear and high quality light is highly important when driving at night, thats why on of the first things i do when i buy a car is change the bulbs. As i said before, i did not buy these headlamps myself they were bought for me as a present. Im personally not bothered about having different head lamps. If i had i my way i would keep the stocks in and upgrade the bulb. I was just trying to give my honest view (that fact i actually own them and use them everyday) on the head lamps and what to look out for. Either way i still highly recommend them as that look great and work well. So to make it simple: Pros: Look great, well built, easy to fit and changeable bulb. Cons: Stock bulbs are rubbish (change them immediately) Im not knocking you or anything either , im following your progress and its a very informative post you have. Thumbs up. Regards
  9. Yes that is corr Yes that is correct, Unless yours comes with an adapter you can wire them in to turn on automaticly.
  10. Heres pictures i have promised. (taken in the freezing cold this morning)
  11. Hello Charlie Yes there are no side lights fitments because the L.E.D strip are essentially is the side light. (annoying as i bought lovely L.E.D sides) Mine came with adapter that you can rewire to make the L.E.D turn on when you start the car Like the "Audi's" (Ask the seller if it comes with it). I did not bother doing that as i have automatic lights and like the option to turn them off. So your side light function switch turns on your L.E.D strip. In Terms of the Quality of light, I've not changed them yet as the new H1 bulbs are a little xmas present on the side for me. So i cannot say if its the projector itself or the bulb. It has passed the M.O.T 3x with flying colours tho. The old lamps have a little further reach of light but the after market has beam has a very defined edge(due to projectors). The bulbs in the aftermarket are not terrible but its not what im used to. Full beams is good tho. Bottom line is everyone has different opinions on whats they like. My previous car were running Ring Ulitma 120% which were outstanding, so im used to a good beam of light. Ive probably not helped at all in your answer but the reason why we all do this is because of looks more than over the function. There has got to be a compromise somewhere when modding. With the headlamps, the compromise is very small in relation to how they look as it takes 5mins to change back to stocks, They certainly turn heads and thats why i highly recommend them. Regards P.s picture added next page
  12. P.s When i mean the "quality of light that the main beam projects is very poor" the lights come with bulbs already installed. They are less than impressive.
  13. Hello Gary. They are very easy to fit. 5 min each light to install and a plug in and play job. They are excellent and i highly recommended them. I don’t know how much they are because my friend paid for them. “He He” But there are two down side's which i do warn you about. Yours might be by a different manufacturer but if they are the same. The Main and the Full beam bulbs are both H1/H1 not H7/H1. Which I found strange and annoying. The second is that the quality of light that the main beam projects is very poor. So I do recommend changing them straight away. Im getting Ring Ultima 120% H1. I will post a picture when i can on how they look. Regards
  14. Hello Ive changed the lights on my Blue 2005 mk2 Focus 1.6 tdci and its a great mod if you want to individualise your car. It completely differnet from stock and has L.E.D day time running lights. http://www.daytimeru...yle-headlights/ But one note is that you should check the bulb type before purchase as i found that thses use H1's for main beam and full beam. (annoying) Ill post up pictures later as i think we have the same model and colour car. If the picture you have is your car? Regards
  15. Hello Thanks for the reply, ill keep that in mind. That brings me on to the next thing is the ECU remap. What am i looking to pay for a good remap. I have looked into Super chip and Bluefin and thay are a tad expensive. Im low on the monies at the momment Cheers