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  1. Good Place To Buy Parts Online.

    Thank you for that, just what i have been looking for... cheers... frank..
  2. Hi, Can anyone provide or advise a good place to buy parts at reasonable prices, i have a fiesta zetec and req a reliable on-line supplier...live in a very rural part of wales so its not easy to just pop to halfords in 5 mins.... hope someone can help.. Frank.. -----------------------------------------
  3. is this the timing belt

    pity no-one has done a good quality "you-tube" tutorial, on the fiesta timing belt... i would do one if i knew how to change it, but i dont... does anyone know of one thats been done.?
  4. Buzzing from the dashboard

    i had the same problem on my fiesta, it was so loud you could hardly drive the car, after visiting about 4 garages, eventually it turned out to be the Actuator Valve on the air intake, cant exactly remember the proper name for the part, it wasnt an expensive part, about £19.00.. but to fit it was a pain, half the dashboard had to be removed to fit it, i took it to a ford dealer, the whole job cost about £75-80..as i recall..been fine since.. hope this helps.. frank... -----------------------------------------------------------------
  5. is this the timing belt

    PETROL Engine, The car was reg in 97, so basically its over 10 years old. only done 53k miles, i guess the timing belt is ready for renewal then.?
  6. is this the timing belt

    ok thanks..i have had the car 2 years, its now over 10 years old, done 53 thousand miles, no idea if previous owners had it changed, i doubt it tho, how much for the timing belt at a decent garage, for the whole job..
  7. is this the timing belt

    thank you.. how much should the job be at a garage, and what should i ask to be changed, just the belt itself.?
  8. is this the timing belt

    Will do, is it the green manual i need, its a P REG GHIA AUTO....
  9. is this the timing belt

    no i have not removed any covers at all...so where is the cambelt located is it nearby.?
  10. is this the timing belt

    can anyone confirm if this is actually the timing belt/cam belt..thanks...
  11. it certainly looks like the cam belt, it runs round the alternator and a load of other pulleys, and a tensioner pulley, surely this must the the cam belt..its a long toothed belt..i've noticed hairline cracks in it, thats why i wondering about replacing it.
  12. This fiesta of mine seems to have a single belt running around the alternator and pulleys etc, is that normal.? its a ghia zetec engine. p reg. The thing i dont understand, if its a fairly straightforward not to technical job, why is it so expensive to get it done.? it seems quite a lot for changing a belt and a pulley etc.. smethers...
  13. Hello, This has probably been asked before, but hey, Can the timing belt be changed by an average home user, and if so does anyone have a step by step run thru with photo's, or better still maybe a vid upload on you-tube,,(cant find one on you-tube for a fiesta)...every other car but a fiesta..duh... dont have a haynes, anyways if its not advisable to tackle this yourself, what in anyones view should be a reasonable or average price for getting it done at a garage.? i dont have a clue what the cost should be, and dont want to get ripped off either..i have read a few stories of people having the car back worse and running terrible from the timing belt changed, so i am a bit wary.. Have had a look at the belt itself, surely it cant be to hard a job, or is it.? Has anyone got any video's of doing it.? Thanks smether's..