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  1. "So if you are travelling along with no acceleration, and turn the wheel to the right, it also increases your speed?" If only does it at a tad over 2k rpm and slight input on the pedal. I've ordered an OBD scanner do will see what that shows.
  2. Hi micro..the revs dont dip they just suddenly rise along with a sudden boost in speed when travelling along. At a standstill they rise instantly then seem to bounce up and down before settling at a higher point than before I turned the wheel. Not sure how to check for rack fluid issues.'re saying its 'normal' then. Having driven dozens of cars I have never experienced it. This is my first 'small engined' auto though. The drop in revs you mention seem to be being over compensated for, so is that indicative of something else not being right? Fluids are all good, no loss in the 4 months I've owned the car.
  3. While I'm waiting for the scanner to arrive Ive looked over the car for loose connections and stuff. Nothing obvious. I then checked if the problem happened when standing still. In 'P' I set the revs to a tad over 2k turned the wheel and it happens just the same! It surged and then bounced as I turn the wheel back. Turning the a/c on or off, it was the same. I'll see what or if the scanner shows up anything.
  4. Cheers. Which is the best option for general use? WiFi USB or the auto switch version. My experience with ELM 327 is using a cheap clone which didn't really work, so any of these would be better I assume. The WiFi one sounds good as my laptop is not up to much, so is that ok for general use and I'm not sure what "high speed module " stuff is?
  5. Hi..not getting notifications so slow to respond, but I didnt realise you could Forscan for free I have an ELM127? reader but its pants on most cars I tried it on. I'll contact tunnelrat. How do I ? Wirey when wet...did your crank sensor cause surges at all?
  6. Not changing gear and no cruise. If I put it in 'manual' it still behaves the same within the same parameters. Will need to get codes read but Id hate paying £50 to be told there is nothing there.
  7. Hi chaps. I'll look at all the suggestions on my days off, but noticed that if does the same on left handers too. It may always have done but I've been really looking lately. It does it on any bend that lasts more than a few seconds, often straight away as I turn the wheel at the right rpm and throttle position. Im not wearing heavy boots and very aware of keeping my feet in the same position. It was my first thought too. No tranny leaks or low fluid. It was serviced recently, new fluid and filter. The old fluid was like new the chap said. The increase in RPM means a boost in acceleration too, quite interesting on the long bend I mentioned. Sensors...maybe. On some rare occasions it wont fire up on the first go, like the cam sensor is playing up. Cheers
  8. No one? I have checked hoses for leaks and the oil levels. Was thinking maybe the throttle pedal itself was at fault but doubt that. In my opinion an increase in RPM would be due to: Involuntary input at throttle ( electronic fault)? Vacuum leak ? Fuel pressure issue? But why only on a RH bend???
  9. Here's a weird one for you. I have always felt a sensation of rising revs on a particular bend on my way to work, but assumed it was my imagination. Recently I have been looking at the gauge on this bend and it does rise slightly, accompanied by the engine note. I have now noticed it happenng in certain conditions. They are - going around a right hand bend, usually on an incline and always at a tad over 2k rpm. The RPM and throttle position are the most relevant areas I've noticed as speed isn't usually relevant, but generally 40mph. There was a sweeping bend recently where it happened and the revs rose by around 250rpm. What do you chaps reckon? It's a 1.6 automatic.
  10. The gearbox chap agrees with what you say and said that mine was fine but to me it's not the smoothest gear changes at all, especially from starting off.
  11. Ok. I'll try F100..see what happens. Either that or always start straight off, which I do 99% of the time.
  12. Ok, I'll check which it is and swap it about. I connected it to the rear wiper circuit, as it is the easiest fuse to get to and shuts off when key is off, so seemed to work as intended. Battery was reading fine when I last checked it a month ago, no discernable issue with voltage drop on start. Still not sure why the dashcam works fine ONLY if I go straight to 'ignition start' position though?
  13. Ok..Ill make some enquiries.
  14. Ok. Thanks for that. Over £100 bit steep, even Jag only charged £50 when they waved a magic wand over my S Type but that was 5 years ago. Not a job a local indy can do?