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  1. Focus Mk2.5 Tdci Sport

    Just a look at the car after a clean yesterday
  2. Car Lovin' Criminals

    Ahh s**t I thought I was onto a winner..... wonder if anyone has used these though....
  3. Car Lovin' Criminals

    Saw these from this forum a while back. sell body kits for all Focus' ... Anyone used them. im thinking of getting this..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-FOCUS-MK2-ZETEC-S-LOOK-BODY-KIT-/131065628743?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1e841ec847
  4. Mesh Grilles

    Nah I want metal mesh. st 225 lower grille isnt a direct fit...
  5. Focus Mk2.5 Tdci Sport

    Quick update... Sprayed the underside of the front and yellow headlight tint. Also fly eyes on the rear lights rear fog and reverse but I don't have a pic..
  6. Mesh Grilles

    Before I start a long annoying fabricating project does anyone know where I can get a lower mesh grill for a mk2.5? Zunsport do every focus bar mine....
  7. Hid Kit

    When you fit them just make sure you level them right so yoy don't blind people and police won't notice/care. Id say go to a shop snd buy them rather than ebay just incase your not happy. But no bulbs are near that level of light and as white from a standard h7
  8. Something Different

    What do you guys think. I like em
  9. White Gear Gaiter

    Non that are designed to fit perfect :/
  10. New Headlights For The Zs

    Get some cree sidelights. They are super bright and look awesome. 501. Some are a tight fit but looks great
  11. White Gear Gaiter

    Anyone know where I can get one for my focud and maybe a nice knob aswell.
  12. Help Quick

    Ahh looks like ill have to get under the car then :/ Bit hard being as it low xD
  13. Focus St Facelift Parts

    No the rear is alot deeper mate. I think the front bumper is a direct fit. Don't quote me on that though
  14. Help Quick

    How do I remove these. Tried everything
  15. New Alloys

    Check my car mod log for a pic if them fitted