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  1. Cabriolet roof noises

    Hi, i have done a search but havent come up with anything. My friend has a Focus cabriolet, when going over large bumps, speed bumps etc, it sounds as though someone bangs on the roof!. he used to have a convertible Renault Megane and that didnt do that. Anyone else had this ?
  2. Fiesta Mk. 7-The first 6 Months

    All the road tests i read raved about how quiet the new Fiesta was. Yes i road tested the car but the weather was quite bad and the test wasnt as long as i would like but that couldnt be helped. Road noise seemed on par with my previous car (mk 1 Seat Leon ), which was quite quiet. However, I find on anything other than v smooth roads the tyres kick up a lot of roar. The 3 door should be more solid bodily than the 5 door but the extra structure of the rear doors should help with sound deadening from the rear wheel arch area......tho i havent driven a 5 door Fiesta but have noticed this on other models of cars
  3. Fiesta Mk. 7-The first 6 Months

    This is my first Ford and have just clocked up six months. Its a great wee car though think the fuel flap should lock and think that point 10...about the low profile tyres is valid...i also note how the road test reports rave about the refinement of the Fiesta. I think my car kicks up a lot of road noise through the low profile tyres on anything other than smooth tarmac.... It may be worse as mine is a 3 door as you dont have the structure of the rear doors to help shut out the noise...but i dont think its as quiet as i was led to believe.
  4. Soft paint ?

    Hi, i have a Panther black Fiesta and as careful as i am in washing it, i have found the paint very easy to scratch and mark. I had the supaguard paint treatment done at the dealers before i picked it up, but it seems to be crap !. I know the water based paints are softer than the old sovent ones but really. Washed some bird crap off yesterday ( as soon as i noticed it ), very carefully as i know it usually has grit in it, still caused a mark on the paint. Anyone else noticed ? Plus in this warm weather ( yes, even in Glasgow )still disappoined at the weak air con. Set to lo and fan nearly at max.....coolish but not cold. Ford says thats all you get !
  5. [OT] What was your first car?

    Showing my age !...mine was a 1973 metallic gold VW Beetle 1300 . Very slow and no heating to speak of but it was a great wee car.
  6. how much did you pay?

    Bought my Fiesta in Jan...1.4 3 door titanium panther black with tech pack and upgraded alloys....paid £10998....thought that was a good deal
  7. Air Conditioning & Performance

    Took my car to the dealers today as i thought the a/c was weak in the hot weater at the weekend. They had a look and i was told thats as cool as it gets !. The service guy said that the a/c is set to only reduce the ambient air temp by 5 or 6 degrees....so when it gets hot, you realy dont get that much cooler in the car and you need to keep the fan on high to get any noticable cooling effect i found. Its the weakest a/c system i have ever had....(its my first Ford )
  8. Going into the dealers on Fri to get looked at....must be something wrong.. Climate set to low today and im still sweating, even in Glasgow !
  9. Air Conditioning & Performance

    I have the 1.4 Titanium and notice the power drop off. Have booked the car in to the dealers to be looked at as even set on low with the fan on highish, it only blows coolish air....should be chilled. Leaving on auto just keeps the fan on max.....noisy and no drop in temp !
  10. Hi, apart from someone damaging my drivers door, leaving it to require a new one, the only problem i have now noticed due to the warm weather is the climate control. Even set to low it only blows coolish air out. My old Audi A4 on that setting would have given you frostbite !. Anyone else had a problem ?
  11. Dashboard lighting

    Hi, i have just bought a new model Fiesta. Great car but find the dash lights way too bright when driving at night. Looked everywhere for a control to turn them down a notch or 2 but cant find anything in the car or handbook....am i just being dull !....Cheers