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  1. Any Ideas What This Is?

    Cheers, will take the airbox out and have another look, its a bit restricted for vision down there, might see if the missus can get up to fords and get a printout of exactly where they go.
  2. Any Ideas What This Is?

    Well if no1 here knows what they are, cant be too important. Too the glovebox they will go for now.
  3. Fuel Filter Change

    Priming the filter and lines? I was always told they were self priming that you could stick an empty filter on and crank in 10sec bursts, waiting a while inbetween.
  4. While lowering the gearbox and engine from the top mount to change the DMF and clutch, 2 of these appeared on top of the gear linkage. I have no idea what they are, or where they came from, cant see that they are that important, look kinda like fuse holders maybe. But be nice to know tho if anyone has any ideas
  5. A Newb In Need

    Must be a record, 10 days from the day I sent it back to the day I got my refund when they told me 4-6 weeks lol Now I just need to sort out the stalling and not starting dilemma and get the car back on the road :(
  6. More Focus Tdci Problems

    Well ive now changed the camshaft sensor also, started fine and ran it round the block ok. Gunna get the missus to take it to Gowrings Ford 2morrow to get a diagnostic done coz im still not confident with it. At least if she breaks down its during the day and shes got recovery lol
  7. A Newb In Need

    Well Eurocarparts got back to me today, refunded me for the clutch kit, master cylinder, slave cylinder, gear oil, brake fluid, 2 pinch bolts that got broken taking the lower arm off (nice of em), and some of the labour charge. They capped their labour refund at £35 ph, and I paid £45+vat, it was £100 short of what I paid, but still quite a result. They didnt even send the parts back to the manufacturer once I told them that id been informed since fitting it that you cant stick a sprung clutch plate onto a DMF. Info I coulda used b4 fitting it. Moneys in the bank already, very pleased with the outcome.
  8. More Focus Tdci Problems

    Got a crank sensor from fords, fitted it ran well, for 1 journey. Gear linkage came apart, hadnt been done back up properly. Drove it this afternoon ran like a dream. Went to go out 2nite, rotating and not firing again, back to the drawing board. Although im guessing now tht its not the crank sensor
  9. More Focus Tdci Problems

    OMG this cars starting to really get to me now, fitted the new starter got a ticking noise when it starts. Stuck the old crank sensor back in car started no ticking. The CPS is very slightly different, It has a different coloured shaft, didnt think this was a problem but doesnt have the three 'bumps' on the end of it. Guess thats going back aswell. Decided to risk going shoppping as havent been able to go for nearly 2 weeks, got there fine but had to get green flag to tow it home :(
  10. A Newb In Need

    also not running at all at the moment, my new starter motor got knackered by my old dodgy flywheel so needs replacing, and it kept stalling and not restarting so suspected crank sensor failure
  11. A Newb In Need

    i checked them out aswell, they were 10% off, and euros were 25% so not much price difference. had to go with euros tho because cp4l would only deliver to card holders address, and i was using my dads :) wish now id put the old clutch back in it looked hardly worn at all. we live and learn im trying to reclaim the price of the clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder, the whole cost at the garage (parts included) cost of recovery, although that i may struggle with as a mate did it so got no receipt. also compensation as i had no car for 1 week so had to use friends family and public transport for us both to get to work and the kids to school
  12. More Focus Tdci Problems

    Just to update, had a mechanic come and look at the car, says my new (6wk old) starter motor has been knackered by the old flywheel causing the grinding noise. Place I bought it from has agreed to swap and and send it out in a van seen as i have no car. Unfortunatly they sent the wrong 1 out 2day, so gotta wait till 2morrow to fit it now. As for the lack of starting and stalling, recons its probably the crank sensor, new one bought and installed and the old one looked absolutly cream crackered although cant test without a starter motor. But putting it all together, I had a diagnostic done when my turbo blew 3 years ago, and it showed cylinder misfire, which coulda been an early sign of it failing i believe. That with the stalling when cold at low speeds, high fuel consumption these new problems im thinking all could be related, fingers crossed for tomorrow :D
  13. More Focus Tdci Problems

    Just been back out to try the car again, and its making a horrible grinding noise while trying to start :( Starting to think I should scrap it and buy a bus pass.
  14. Just had the DMF, clutch, CSC, and master cylinder changed, been fine for a few days, till I come out from the Golf Club and the damned thing wont start. 5 minutes of trying she finally fires up. Gets half way home and the glow plug light starts flashing, and the power goes so I pull over and it dies. Wont start again. After another 5-10 minutes its going again and gets all the way home. Shut it off, went back out and it starts fine, although i'm now reluctant to drive it. Any ideas??
  15. Mk2 Focus 1.8 Tdci Clutch Issues

    As I just found out through experience, the cheapest options not always best or cheapest. I may be wrong, but sitting a new clutch against an old flywheel doesn't seem the best idea. Might put extra stress on an already temperamental part and then as mike said bill will end up doubling. If your getting it done at a garage, they wont guarantee any parts not bought by themselves, so if god forbid, it fails again they wont do a thing. I got a quote for the DMF, clutch and slave cylinder for around £900 at a reputable 'back street' garage, the solid kit was only about £80 less.