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  1. This happens on both of my indicators. Its not a problem cancelling them manually, but would be greatful to find a reason why :)
  2. First Car

    Right, The minor scratches have been polished out and the deeper ones are going to be cleaned up as much as possible then repainted. The passenger door is a lot better now it has been greased :) I had to replace the drivers side wing mirror (which i forgot to mention) and that is set to be sprayed to match the colour of the car, when the weather holds up enough to let me do so. Again, weather is the deciding factor for the rust, fingers crossed thatll happen sometime soon, but who knows how long itll be aha. Still not sure what to do about the temperature control, but will be looking into that in the near future and rumour has it that Santa is bringing along a new stereo, so will look at getting the radio running (whether it just be the wires in the back or the aeriel) in a couple of weeks. Ive given inside its first proper clean inside since having it and that has made it a lot better, its amazing how just little changes can make such big improvements. Ill try to upload some 'before' photos at some point to try and show progress over the coming weeks.
  3. Scratches

    Hey, After finally getting a day off and a chance to have a proper look at my car today, i decided to look into removing some of the scratches that it had on from the previous owner. I used some Meguiars Scratch X on them. On the smaller scratches it worked brilliantly, they can barely be seen at all now :D but some of the scratches are deeper than i first thought so therefore are still present. What would be the best way of getting rid of these or making them less visible? Thanks (sorry for any silly questions i may post, im starting from a severe lack of car knowledge aha)
  4. First Car

    Thanks for the welcome guys and thanks for the advice Stoney, ill let you know how i get on :D
  5. First Car

    Hi Everyone My names Matt Last week i bought my first car, a dark green V reg Fiesta. The most important thing for me is that it gets me from A to B, and the few areas that there are to work on gives me a bit of a project to work on at the same time. It seems like a really nice little car, and with a bit of TLC could look really nice too. -Firstly, there are several areas of rust in various places (ill attach photos) and i was wondering if there was any way that id be able to get rid of them myself, or would it be a workshop job? -Secondly, there are a few scratches on the bonnet, what is the best way to remove them/cover them if there are not very deep. -CDs play fine on the stereo, but when i try to put the radio on it doesnt pick up any stations and only static can be heard. -After its been driving for a while, the temperature control only blows out hot air -The passenger side door it very stiff when opening and closing, will putting some WD-40 on there do the trick? I think that is it for now, if i find anything else i will add it at a later point :P Thanks in advance for any ideas or solutions any of you may have Matt
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Matt93 :)