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  1. Aux Bluetooth Dongle

    Nice post I wish I knew about this a few weeks back. Had to get bluetooth fitted to a customers car out of my own pocket. This is £250 chaper than the option I had to go with.
  2. Had A Play Around With Photoshop

    Pretty good for your first attempt. Gimp is not the easiest to get good results from.
  3. I was rear ended about 6 weeks ago by some young woman txting. It was bizarre really. I had already noticed she was putting more effort into texting than driving. On the third time of thinking “please love, get your head out your phone we’re coming up to traffic lights se just carried on. I watched her as she hit me. I did try to get my hazards on to alert her but by the time I got them on she was already in by boot. Initially she said she was not using her phone and was just trying to turn it off as the ringing was distracting her from driving. Needles to say petition signed.
  4. Radio Problem

    Just because the clock and int light work does not 100% rule out it being a fuse. I would check the fuses to be sure.
  5. Rusty Rear Brake Drums

    I was going to say clean them But if Im honest with myself I would also buy new ones. The winter days are just to sort for wire brushes
  6. Fiesta Metal

    I booked in to test drive one, twice!!. On both occasions the battery was dead. It put me off this particular car. Te guy told me that when the batteries on new fords drop to about 30% power it shuts everything down to protect the electrical system??? What hole was this guy talking form?
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums RightcarBev :)

    1. RightcarBev


      Thanks, Grat site and forum, Dont know how I missed it for so long.