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  1. My speedo stopped working one day on the way to work. I thwacked the dash which brought it back for a few seconds, then it died again. At the same time my petrol guage started jumping around a good bit when the fuel is low. My garage reckons its a bad instrument cluster, so I've got a new one on ebay, arriving tomorrow. Question is - how hard are these to fit? Could I do it myself, or does the garage need to do it?
  2. Pricing For Repairs

    Had my guy out and he said the sensor and everything's fine, so he thinks it's a replacement head - told me to take it to Ford and they would tell me for sure. My petrol guage goes up and down a bit too so he reckons it's just dodgly electronics, but couldn't give me an idea of price. Can anyone here? No idea if i'm looking at £50 or £250.
  3. Pricing For Repairs

    Lovely. Only other question is can this be done mobile or will the car need to be garaged?
  4. Pricing For Repairs

    I've got a building list of repairs for my 52 Finesse 1.3 that I want to get done this side of christmas as my commute's increased dramatically, looking to see if you guys could give me an idea of what's going to cost what. I've been very broke all year so the car's only had an oil change since April 2011 (i know nothing about cars so some of this might read like nonsense) Brakes - started making a quiet grinding sound at very slow speeds. Hoping i just need pads. Speedo - not working for months. Second time it's happened. When it went, i smacked the dash and it came back for a day, but now there's nothing - no speedo, no odo, nothing ticking over. Sparkplugs and cables - RAC changed out the head a few months ago and advised i relace the plugs and cables. Breather (?) hose - at the front of the engine under the cover, the one on the left - car lost power because the hose had a hole in it, RAC man cut off the piece with the tear in it and forced the hose onto the socket but said i should replace. Rough idea? I'm going to put in a budget of £250 including labour and get as much done as i can until next payday (end of january). I've got a mobile mechanic that's looked after me when i needed my thermostat housing replaced that I'm hoping can do it all outside my house.
  5. Cracked Water Hose Questions

    Epic facepalm - just realised the thermostat housing and water outlet connection are the same thing - Fordparts.uk has it listed as "Ford Fiesta Thermostat Housing Water Outlet Connection". Makes life a lot easier! Thanks both.
  6. Cracked Water Hose Questions

    Oh dear. Should I try to take more pictures so we can figure out exactly what it is?
  7. Cracked Water Hose Questions

    Magic, thanks DieselPig, local ford have them in stock for £72 (incl vat). How long would it take to install? Trying to figure out how much it'll cost to get a mobile mechanic to put in, guessing that'll be cheaper than a tow.
  8. Cracked Water Hose Questions

    First off - I have little to no car knowlege, so this will be a bit rough, but please bare with me. My 52 plate Mk6 Fiesta Finesse overheated last night just as I pulled into the drive. It's been losing water the last few weeks (i top up about every five days) but I'm really broke so couldn't afford to get it looked at right away. As i was pulling in there was a pop and steam. I went out to look at it just now and one of the hoses is cracked clean off, including the piece it's affixed to. The picture should explain. For context, the hose is (while standing in front of the car) to the left and back of the main engine and runs from that cracked part towards the cab of the car. The picture is taken at an agle sort of from the passenger seat towards the front left of the car (if you're standing in front). When i pour water into the overflow tank (i think it's called - clearish plastic tank to the back left where coolant etc goes), after a few seconds it comes pouring out of that cracked off piece. So the pipe is fine but the piece it affixes to is still inside the pipe and cracked off. Obviously this whole piece needs replacing. My questions are: 1) What is the part that's cracked, can it be repaired (if so, how much) or will it need replacing (if so, how much). 2) Is there anything i can do in the meantime that will allow me to drive the car to a garage - is there any glues that can stick it together temporarily so i can drive the few miles to my garage? Any other pointers (other than "when your engine is losing water, keep an eye on the guage, you moron") would be greatly appreciated. And thanks for reading!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums BrianKelleher :)