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    OT - Pet Hates

    cheer up mate for christ sake. youre boring me
  2. mini-st170

    focus st170 in a mini. (rwd)

    hi all i am doing a project which consists of a 1990 mini, st170 engine, sierra gearbox, diff etc. i have got engine all in place with original inlet etc. now i need to get it running. i am going for the aftermarket ecu for tunability. i basically need to know how i get the variable valve timing to work. been looking at the megajolt system which runs with edis 4. anyone done this before or any ideas welcome. many thanks luke
  3. mini-st170

    Focus ST170 in a mini

    cool so if i buy a second hand dta system would someone be able to make me a loom to suit the engine and TB's.
  4. mini-st170

    fiesta 96

    its the air flow meter. mine was doing the same thing last week. changed it and fine. roughly 20 quid from breakers
  5. mini-st170

    Focus ST170 in a mini

    thanks for that. so they do make a loom to replace the original then. it does seem the better option but how much roughly is a management system and loom and does it have the correct plugs for all the sensors on engine. p.s. i dont have a build thread but will send you some pictures. many thanks again
  6. mini-st170

    Focus ST170 in a mini

    hi all. i have recently took on the task of doing a rwd mini st170 with sierra gearbox, diff etc. i have since got the engine in the car and mounted. i am changing the throttle bodies for suzuki gsx-r 750's as they fit straight on. now the problem i have is the wiring. i do have the loom but have a feeling someone has chopped the ecu plug off. i am missing the ecu anyway but have the clocks and would like to use them if possible. where can i find a diagram showing what plug goes where etc. i can source an ecu or buy an aftermarket ecu but still either need a new loom or find an ecu with ready made loom. i am in desperate need of what to do next and what path to follow. any help is greatly appreciated. cheers luke