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  1. Mega thread bump time - now that the weather is a bit nicer I've finally got round to sorting the vibration issue that I mentioned in the first post, so I thought I'd update this thread. I'd been through the basic service stuff to check - the coil seemed ok & there was no misfire, so didn't think it was that. Plugs seemed fine too & I couldn't fine any vacuum leaks either (I'd already changed the PCV hose & valve) - the car was fine when driving, but whenever it dropped back to idle it became a shake shack again - and the electrics made it so much worse. Anyway, I changed the engine mounts at the weekend & it's fixed the problem completely - the car is now super smooth at idle & feels a lot better to drive too. Had a bit of a mare with the underneath mount as one of the bolts was really rusty & snapped, but other than that (had to sweet talk a mechanic buddy of mine to sort that one), not too bad a job. So, I'm a happy Focus owner one again :)
  2. Morning chaps - I still have a vibration/tremor at idle in my Focus Mk1 1.6 05 plate petrol beast; so far I've replaced PCV hose which was all squishy & PCV valve, VSS (as speedo kept dropping to zero) & the plugs & coil pack look ok. Googling around, the passenger side engine mount seems to crop up as being a problem - firstly, is this the right part - http://www.fordparts...33019_c_597.htm EDIT - just been thinking that the sites I was reading info about the passnger mount on were American - so I assume that their passenger side, would be our drivers side - so the hydraulic mount, not the one I've linked too above? Secondly, is there any way of 'testing' the existing one? Many thanks :)
  3. Nice one Stoney, many thanks - off to order a replacement sensor now.
  4. Afternoon chaps - sorry to ask another question, but this morning I noticed my speedo needle dropping to zero for a few seconds, then going back to normal - the radio became quieter when the needle dropped too; a quick google suggests the VSS is on its way out; could that have anything to do with the idle vibration issue, or is it totally separate? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Thanks chaps; I'll nip to my local indie & get the battery & alternator checked out - will post back with any news :)
  6. Thanks guys, although that's what I forgot to mention - the battery in the car is only about a month old - maybe it's a duff one? It was put in at the garage I bought the car from. I could take the car back I guess but it's a long round trip, so it might just be easier to replace the battery - would a silver battery be the one to go for? Thanks again
  7. I have an 05 plate 1.6 Edge (Petrol) with 69000 on the clock - I was having a bit of vibration so changed the PCV valve & hose as suggested on a very helpful thread here; seemed to help a bit. I've just noticed that the vibration gets worse if I turn some electrics on though - headlights, heater, rear window heating for example - the rev needle twitches between about 670 - 730 & goes back to 750ish when I turn those things off. No problems when in motion, so I presume just an idling issue? Any ideas or suggestions most welcome :)
  8. Mk1 Ford Focus, Help Identify Pipe

    Thanks again Stoney, much appreciated
  9. Mk1 Ford Focus, Help Identify Pipe

    Many thanks for your reply Mk1, 05 plate, 1.6 petrol Looks like I need to learn what some parts are ^_^ - or maybe buy a manual or something; can I do this from under the bonnet, or will I need to get under the car? Thanks again
  10. Mk1 Ford Focus, Help Identify Pipe

    Hello - I'm sorry to bump this old thread, but I'm struggling. My Mk1 focus (05, 1.6 Edge) is having a bit of a rough idle & searching the web suggests to check/replace the pcv hose; however, I can't find it I'm not particularly car savvy I'm afraid, although I did remove the ICV & give it a clean - no difference. Is the photo in the first post taken from the top or underneath the car? Sorry for the n00b question, but any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums MrG :)