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  1. dannyp

    Side Stripes ?

    with the colour of your car id say none, iv got the fiesta like the 1 in my sig pick and im going for the stripes on mine in white only the side stripes doin the white grill tomoro its guna look so fresh just need a ford stensil now to spray on to it
  2. dannyp

    Our meet is very soon!

    it really is just guna be full of mk 7s aint it ! cant belive im not guna be there missed the croft car show yesterday as well but im going to donny car show so if any 1 is going to that il see ya there!
  3. lookin sharp mate , think 17" would look better :P wish i could ge a finish like that but me been a dumb !Removed! got the paint protection on it so just dont get the shine i know i can do :( im a perfecionist with stuff like that
  4. dannyp

    Our meet is very soon!

    please take loads of picks would love to see what the day turned out like . facebook me let me know as im on face book like 90%of the day on my phone and only come on here when i get the chance . my dame is daniel patterson just look for me and my car lol
  5. dannyp

    Our meet is very soon!

    right guys , im out sorry :( . iv been haven a really bad time of late and not feeling up to going as much as i would love too my bank wont let me and my head is in the shed wouldnt be able to concentrate on driving id prob end up in the back of some really big hgv truck lol bad times . so sorry was really lookin forward to the icecream as well :( . il be there next time tho guys
  6. dannyp

    MK6 Reverse Gear

    hey guys , yea the ford crunch lol love it think he is right when you start the car and go strait to reverce the engine is still not idiling at the right rpm so when you select rev gear it grinds a bit , when starting it up wait till its idleing ok then select reverce gear and it wont do it . hope that helped !
  7. dannyp

    What Mk Fiesta do you own?

    yea i got my car for 8 but if not for the offer it would ave cost me 10 so i was happy with it lol
  8. dannyp

    Fiesta Meet

    hey guys , whats the crack with the meet then . evey 1 seams to have forgoten about it.
  9. dannyp


    thanks for that , will have to hand it ova to a pro sounds a lil bit risky as iv never worked on a car before and would prob take me too long been v carefull and too precise lol.
  10. dannyp

    mk 6 st ear spoiler

    hey guys any one eva fitted a st rear spoiler ? how did you fil yours and was it simple ??
  11. dannyp

    Fiesta Meet

    well a freeb is never to be sniffed at like lol, hope it comes before then tho ;)
  12. dannyp

    Fiesta Meet

    it seams like more and more ppl are buying cars even in the ressesion we are having dont think they expected it. 1 thing parking sensors ? on such a small car lol im sure you dont need them tho :P
  13. dannyp

    Fiesta Meet

    im sure the wait will be worth it when you get it , i had to wait a month for mine and mine is a mk 6 and i got it with 4 miles on it so it was new . mine came from scotland witch is why its called mak6 lol
  14. dannyp

    Fiesta Meet

    ano ,i was the same when i got mine so glad i got mine when i did cos im not fully convinced about the look of the new fiesta . its lost its small shape still is a nice car tho not knocking it guys lol what colour you getting x
  15. dannyp

    Fiesta Meet

    lol kasammy when you get your ka i think you should call it tiny lol fingers crossed you get it by then . cant wait for it like should be a good laugh . oh and guys any 1 going to donny park in sept for a modified car show ? should be good.