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  1. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    they run a lot less power and last a lot longer but not sure if they're 100% legal but seems stupid if they're not :/ i think they're just a straight swap with your normal bulbs as long as the bulb type's the same and I agree with Stoney841, check online for a default code or see if the manufacturer can help you directly :)
  2. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    Ahh right no idea then sounds like the bluetooth thing is affecting it. Have you checked the rear lights yet? No problem :)
  3. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    Not sure about any aftermarket Bluetooth stuff but when you say the console lights up do you mean when you lock it? The screen in the dashboard and the radio screen should stay lit up for roughly 15 minutes after locking it, assuming you have the same spec and radio as me (Zetec and 6000-CD) as for the rear lights there's a wingnut on the back of the cluster (under a flap) according to the owner's manual that you have to undo to remove it, after that it should be the same as a Fiesta (my Dad had one a while ago). I hope that helps :D
  4. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    yeah i was the same when i got mine and the major one was "does no-one make any cool stuff for a fusion?!" :/
  5. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    might be with mine being a newer model but other than that i have no ideas :/
  6. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    Yeah boot lock is 2 button presses so you don't do it by accident :)
  7. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    No problem, helping a fellow Fusion owner is always a pleasure :D Yeah it's the 2nd button press on the locking that seems to help not sure on opening but i do it for both now just out of habit :D
  8. Two Fusion 3 Questions

    My Fusion (06 reg) does the same thing with the blowers so i'm hoping it's normal :) seems to be the same on my Dad's Fusion 2 as well. On locking the car your indicators should flash and the interior lights should dim/switch off but when you open the car your indicators should flash and your headlights, tail lights and interior lights should light up for roughly 30 seconds to help you locate your car in car parks, get in and sort your seatbelts, etc. One of the things I also didn't realise for a few weeks of owning the car was that when opening and locking the car it's best to press the button twice it seems to double lock the car somehow plus my lights seem to flash on the second button press :) just something to try :D Hope that helps you :D
  9. Ford Fusion 2006 Parts

    Hi guys, Just wondering if parts from 1.4 fiestas (exhausts, air filters, etc.) would fit a 1.4 Fusion? i'm imagining that the engines will be the same seeing as ford probably cba making 2 different 1.4 engines. I'm kinda still a boy racer and i want my car to sound a bit sporty :') Thanks for any help Jamie
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums JamieWaldie1992 :)