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  1. Mk2 Mondeo Clutch

    Thanks for replies guys-still running-touch wood.I had a quick fumble behind pedal-no major leakage but might be a bit greasy-will have a good look at weekend.Would it be possible for the master to fail internally-ie no visible leak? Also I have realised the symptoms described above are more likely to happen the day after my daughters driving lesson-!!
  2. Mk2 Mondeo Clutch

    Hi guys-compliments on an excellent forum. I have a 1996 Mk 2 Mondeo 1.8 Turbo diesel with 109000 miles on the clock.Just recently the clutch pedal has started to slip to the floor-only on first starting and not every time. After that it returns back to normal and operation is fine with no slipping or difficulty in changing gear. I think it may be getting worse as the other day I had to pump it a couple of times. I have topped up hydraulic fluid but only a small amount just to keep it on the max level. I cant see any leaks but of course there is a engine weather protector panel under the car. My local garage said it might be the slave cylinder on the clutch itself and said it could cost big bucks. I was wondering- given the age and value of the car -how long is it likely to be before it fails completely and would bleeding the system help,any advice much appreciated .BTW the brakes are fine
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums reynardthefox :)