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  1. Just slipped on ice and smashed my wrist on a post. Resulting in this nice slice :( http://t.co/TmxY6O3g

  2. troll lololol selfie shut up http://t.co/EWSUozcf

  3. “@dragonjones: Today u must follow @MyBunjee for a chance to win this & Tweet me you’ve followed them using #12DaysOfJones" Yep. Yep. Yep.

  4. Touch screen gloves are pretty much the best thing ever. Thanks @jessicaybrooks http://t.co/w2PsONlB

  5. Oh my !Removed! god. That MK Dons goal was amazing.

  6. this game will literally be about 6-4

  7. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    Hi Mark; It was signed up with facebook. But the display name is: PaulE
  8. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    Hey (first things first, I can't log in to my standard account? Everytime I go to re-login through facebook, I just get 'error'. Therefore I've created this account. If anyone can get me back in to my old one, or an admin can give me access or reset my password, cool!) However, time for the bad news. Having passed my test four months ago, and getting myself a Zetec Climate 1.8 2006 - A 68 year old man did me the pleasure of a head on collision before forcing me into a parked car on the left. He's admitted full liability. But £5500 worth of damage later, it's been declared a total loss. :( Now, the insurance company are in the process of sending me my cheque, and when they do - I've got seven days to return my courtesy car - 5 of which will be clearing for my cheque. Therefore, I've got two days to buy a car. I'll be honest, the only cars I'm finding for £4300ish are Vauxhall Astras :( - I know how you all feel about Vauxhalls. I don't really want anything older than a 56 plate, and I want less than 60k miles, preferably three door, so it does limit me :( I've been offered £800 cash in salvage for my car, should I take it? There is no chassis or engine damage (apart from the power steering pump bracket) - just a shed load of front end work. Pictures enclosed :(
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums PaulE89 :)

  10. Needless to say, telling him ill knock him the !Removed! out in front of his kids wasn't my brightest comment in front of 12 people.