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  1. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    I checked the weld seem and it had a little filler in it but not a lot. My local Ford dealers stripped the car down and the source of the leak appears not to be the bulkhead seam but the bolt holes for the optional roof bars that we had fitted. The dealer started claiming that was not covered by Ford warranty but backed off when I pointed out that they supplied and fitted the roof bars so surely it was covered under the sale of goods act never mind any warranty. They have thankfully agreed to do all the work for free. They are going to have to install new sound proofing as the old one was too wet to save. I think reading between the lines the dealer cocked up and did not use enough silicone sealant when they installed the bar fittings.
  2. Hi

    Hi All, I've just found this forum as I've a problem with my Fiesta. (I have always been a fan of Fords though since riding in my Grandad's MK2 Cortina ) We've got two Fords a 12 Plate Fiesta Titanium with quite a few nice gadgets that the wife drives and I drive a 56 plate Ranger XLT which I love to bits. We find it's a great combo as we go camping, walking and cycling a bit so can use the Ranger for that and keep our Fiesta in mint condition.
  3. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    Just joined this forum as our 2012 Fiesta has the same problem. The drivers side foot and passenger wells are soaked. I've got the car booked in at the garage where we bought it from last August (ex demonstrator) and am going to drop it off tomorrow to see what they can find. I rang up Ford and they were worse than useless. I wanted to know if it was covered by warranty. The customer service rep said I would have to ask the garage which was really helpful - not ! It better be as I'm not exactly loaded and my wife relies on this car. I'll check the weld seam under the bonnet before I go tomorrow.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Ashgate :)