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  1. Happy Birthday PeterJeeves507!

  2. Parts Required!

    Hi again, it's almost as though this mondeo enjoys the attention, as it was being driven off to be painted, the drivers side front spring decided to snap, most of the way to getting the spring/strut assembly off, however the bottom ball joint is proving to be difficult to separate, I've read that it can be done without removing the bottom subframe to get the bottom wishbone off, am I missing a trick as we've loosened off the bolt clamping everything together and tried using a jack to lift the wheel hub up so the bottom wishbone isn't at the bottom of it's travel? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Peter
  3. Kangaroo Ka

    On further investigation, it's from 2004, the engine light is on, its low on oil and coolent and it also looks like the oil filter needs changing! The idle is a bit lumpy, similar to a big CI supercharged dragster engine I once heard, and when driving along it feels as though something is catching and pulling the revs down, regardless of how much throttle is applied!
  4. Kangaroo Ka

    Hi all, A friend has a Ka, 2004 I think, not sure of engine size, she's complaining that it keeps kangarooing when accelerating, it doesnt do it all the time, it sounds like a fuel problem, but I am unsure, any ideas? I have heard of VW's having a similar issue caused by the coil pack, Cheers, Peter
  5. Parts Required!

    Sweet, thank you!!!
  6. Parts Required!

    Ok, mechanical stuff sorted, new wings and bumper have arrived in primer, bonnet on the way, however, while fitting the wings ive managed to put fingerprints on one of them, whats the best way to clean a primed panel, without taking the primer off, can I just use water?
  7. Parts Required!

    Dad's just had a look at the pedal and says that how it was apparently, its certainly got more play than in my fieata! Running it up as I type, and all seems well, the engine returned to idle just fine, it hasnt overheated, and the A/C rad isnt punctured afterall! Now to get some body panels put on!
  8. Parts Required!

    Hello, cheers, thats one possibility eliminated at least! There's a yellow piece which looks like it may need to be attached to the pedal which isn't! The only thing my dad said was that when he tried to start the car to move it the engine revved straight up as the front of the car had pushed back between the throttle linkage and the pin that the linkage rests on at idle, I'll have a good poke around the throttle pedal area and see what i can see!
  9. Parts Required!

    Ok, first update for a while: Pcv pipe changed, inlet manifold back on, new radiator fitted, cooling system flushed, will fill and test the cooling system later, the only thing thats not gone to plan thus far is the throttle cable, the pedal doesn't return to the top of its travel, the throttle body does return to the idle position though, is there an adjustment I have to make? After that, if all goes well, its putting on new body pabels and making it resemble a mondeo again!
  10. Parts Required!

    Sweet, I was sure it wasnt too bad a job, saves the hassle of getting it to an a/c place! It also saves having to separate the radiator and the a/c rad!
  11. Parts Required!

    Update time: front end off, both wings, bumper, plasticy piece that went in front of radaitor, both headlights, now for the radiator and the air conditioning radiator, anyone have any ideas about the pipework that connects to the a/c rad and how it may come off? The a/c rad is empty because of the hole punched in it!
  12. Parts Required!

    There are relativley few bolts, which is nice, and the bumper is pretty much ready to fall off as it is! The biggest issue is the nigh on 10 years of dirt and rust and other bits that have built up, many cans of wd40 required i think! Another plus is it makes getting to the inlet manifold easier as theres a pipe down there thats split and needs replacing, so the more of the front that has to come off the better i suppose!
  13. Parts Required!

    Yep, its pretty well in the way at the moment, i've used the old glove over open pipe trick while changing brake calipers before, the most fun part will be the wings, we thought they were welded at first but apparently its only filler thats been painted over, theyre a complete nightmare to get off whichever way you look at it! I'd forgotten how difficult road cars can be to get apart, way more complex than racecars at least!
  14. Parts Required!

    It is a petrol, I'll try not to disturb it when i remove the radiator, apparently theres something air conditioning related I have to be careful of mounted behind the rad as well.
  15. Parts Required!

    May well be, just going of what my dad said, he asked about an air conditioning intercooler, I thought intercoolers were used on turbos, it probably is the heater matrix and would explain the lone metal pipe which doesnt seem to go anywhere as the heater runs off the cooling system! I haven't taken the bumper off yet so cant see where it goes!