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  1. Yeah i know right, its because they will charge an hours labour minimum! hmmmm any help would be appreciated
  2. evening all, trying to retrofit the CC to my 2009 focus. i have all the switches in the harness and added the buttons, done the heated screen test and the buttons do work! ive activated it in the HEC and the GEM but it still doesnt work! im guessing it needs activating in the PCM aswell? does anybody know if i can activate it myself without going to fords as all my local ones want minimum £90 and had no idea what i was talking about :/ Thanks
  3. I cant get my ELM cable to work on windows 7! each and every time it comes up with a code 10 error and the device will not start. plugged it into a XP desktop and works fine. any help please??
  4. Help, i recently purchased the ELM cable, but whenever i plug it into the car and laptop it just says cannot find COMport, i installed all the software that came with the cable and all the software shown here , the ff2 the config and the dll pack. any help?? thanks
  5. Loss Of Mpg.

    try re-setting the ECU? unplug the battery for 30 mins then plug it back in. keep your radio code to hand! thats not good mpg though! im getting more than that from my 1.8 petrol!!!
  6. The Zetec S Needs An Exhaust Tip...

    by the looks of yours it seems it will sit alot further towards the N/S of the car. hence yours has a kink and mine is straight. id check it will fit properly under the ZS diffuser before making any cuts!
  7. The Zetec S Needs An Exhaust Tip...

    mine... at rear axle
  8. The Zetec S Needs An Exhaust Tip...

    do it yourself mate, i done mine! although the pipe on my tip was longer ( went to the rear axel) but just unclip your exiting exhaust from the hangar behind the bumper, insert the new tip and that will give you a cut line, then cut the exhaust, (exhaust cutters are good) then a bit of sealing paste and a 'U' clamp and jobs a goodun.. i would expect a exhaust place to charge a min of £50 just for their time...
  9. New Member And My Zetec S

    yeah, well to be honest the ford CF6000 isnt that bad!, its internal amp is pretty decent and still shakes the car with the bass :) plus it seems to have a safety shut off for the speakers so that when it gets too loud it just stops the volume going any higher!
  10. New Member And My Zetec S

    just ebay mate, same as these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-501-T10-W5W-LED-WHITE-XENON-Look-sidelight-bulbs-UK-/280631984179?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4156f84033 yeah the harness is really good! saved me hundreds of pounds on a new sterio / hacking into the cars wiring! and only costs about £20 ish to make.
  11. New Member And My Zetec S

    yeah i had to cut it back to over the rear axel and yeah at the time it was specifically made by powerflow for the ZS, but now you can pick them up off ebay/ other places.. similar to this http://www.european-parts.net/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/58_82/products_id/432
  12. New Member And My Zetec S

    Thanks mate, its not an ST though just a 1.8 petrol Zetec-s :) so on my 64 mile round trip to work i average 35-40mpg :)
  13. New Member And My Zetec S

    Cheers mate, yeah each to their own.. im not too fussed about the heater controlls, maybe the twin reverse mod, currently in the process of retrofitting cruise control :D
  14. New Member And My Zetec S

    are they of the 1.8 duratec though? alot of diesels done but not many petrols. just want to get a picture of possibly gains!
  15. New Member And My Zetec S

    The only pictures i have may be of help..