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  1. Hi just a question really if anyone can help. I have a 2008 Mondeo 1.8 tdci and was woundering what I should expect to get out of a tank of deisel mileage wise around town driving. I currently get 400 miles out of mine which seems a little low and when worked out says its doing 25mpg which again seems a little low seen as every website i look at says it should be getting around 38.8 mpg. Im aware that it will never get that mpg as that is tested mpg but i would of thought it would be around the 32/33 mpg mark which would then get about 500 moles from a tank of fuel. Im not sure if I am looking at this right so would really appriciate any help from anyone. Many many thanks in advance
  2. jpunter22

    High Fuel Consuption On Mk4 1.8 Tdci

    I dont tend to use one filling station it all depends where i am at the time shell, tesco, morisons. I have spoken to a friend who runs a garage and he says it should be better then that and that it could be a sticking egr valve or a faulty sensor. I am taking it into him tomorrow morning to put on the computer to read its diagnostics and live data. Hopefully it will through something into the mix. I have also spoken to a man that does the school runs at my daughters school who has the same car same engine and his never even leaves the town we live in and he is getting around 530 miles from his which works out at about 34 mpg which is alot more like i would have thought it would be. I will keep you posted if something shows its head. Many thanks for the replies
  3. Hi I hope someone can help or anyone with any ideas. I currently get about 400 miles from a full tank of fuel which works out that i am getting about 25 mpg as an average around town. Everything I have read reckpons I should be getting between 33-39 mpg around town. Does anyone have any ideas or previous knowledge on this problem. Many thanks
  4. jpunter22

    smax official trouble topic

    Hi everyone I have got a 2007 2.0 tdci smax and i have a few problems which I'm trying to get to the bottom of. 1. There is a constant whinning/buzzing noise inside the car. I have been told by a garage that its the electric power steering motor/pump and this is normal on these, can anyone clarify that this is the case as I'm not sure this is true. 2. When i'm driving the car I get a lurching motion at low settled revs (doing 30mph in 4th gear, in second when you are turning into junctions). There is plenty of power there when i accelerate a bit but when I let it settle again it starts doing it again. I have been told by the same garage its because its a heavy car and that I just need to be in a lower gear, which does sort the problem but I have never had in all my years driving a car that you have needed to change into first gear to turn into junctions or not been able to be in 4th gear doing 30mph. I have heard stories about the dual mass flywheels being an issue on these and was woundering if anyone can help. 3. Last one now. When i put the car into reverse the parking distances system does a continuous beep for about 10 seconds then only seems to work sometimes or eraticly. I have noticed that the rear sensors have no longer got the black coating on them and that there is a some white powder on a couple. Could this be the cause of the problem as the front ones are fine and seem to work still. I would really appriciate some help on these issues if anyone has experenced or had similar problems, and how they were solved or if they can be sloved. Many thanks for any help in advance. Jamie
  5. jpunter22

    Noisy Steering

    Hi there everyone i am new to this site but could do with some advise please. I have got a 2007 SMAX 2.0 tdci and my steering seems to be making a whining noise like an electric motor all the time. The tone changes when I turn the steering and some times even stops briefly. I have taken it to my local garage and they have said that this is normal on these as it is an electric power steering pump and they all make this noise and that ford made them like this as when your driving its drowned out by road noise. I think this can't be true and was wondering if anyone else with a SMAX has the same problem, it has to be the 2.0 tdci ones as the 1.8 ones have the conventional belt driven pump. Also I have noticed that sometimes it seems to lurch when the revs are a bit low in each gear, it doesn't like doing 30 mph in 4th gear and going round corners in 2nd gear i have to change into 1st when turning into a junction witch I have never had to do in any other car i have owned does anyone suffer or has suffered the same. Many thanks for anyone who can help with these problems
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums jpunter22 :)