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  1. How To Remove The Ecu

    cheers thanks for that. will be giving that ago this week then
  2. How To Remove The Ecu

    any one?
  3. Battery Problems

    i had this problem on one of my old cars. if i did not use it over the weekend it would be dead by monday. i found it it was the alarm siren so i just disconnected it and it was fine after that. so my guess is that there is nothing wrong with the battery but something is using power when it shouldn't be. also had an audi have the fan keep coming on till the battery died and that was down to the fuse box getting full of water and damaging a relay
  4. How To Remove The Ecu

    hi, for those who have been replying to my other thread i have now traced the problems back to the ecu. now my next problem is getting the ecu out to be sent off for repair. my probelm is removing the wires from it? not the individual wires obviously but the connecting block. thanks
  5. Engine Misfire P0103

    i have tested the coil pack today and the loom and all the figures are as what autodata says they should be at. its a weird one? one minute it runs great the next its sluggish. i was speaking to some one before and they were saying injectors so going to have a check of them when i get chance and also the crank position sensor. sometimes as well when you just touch the accelerator pedal, and i mean just touch it, the car just takes off. so am i going to test the throttle position sensor as well whilst i am at it and see what it comes back with but after that i am out of ideas
  6. Changing A Clutch

    i am going to be changing the clutch on my car, mk6 fiesta, and was wondering if when removing the drive shafts does the gear box oil come flying out? i know on some cars is does and other dont kyle
  7. Engine Misfire P0103

    maf sensor has arrived and i have put that on. the car sounded better again. now i am getting fault code p0351 - ignition coil A primary/secondary circuit malfunction. so i put the old coil pack and leads back on and its made no difference at all. so i am guessing at a break in the loom at some point between the coil pack and ecu. does any one know of common places for this to break or short on another wire?
  8. Rusty Rear Brake Drums

    if you are to get new drums then as said above new pads as well
  9. Engine Misfire P0103

    been messing about again today put the new leads coilpack and plugs on and it has made a big difference. took the pipe of to the throttle body to have a look and its pretty clean. i started it up as well like this and it runs a lot better, i am thinking this is because of the amount of air it can suck in. just waiting for the sensor now which should arrive tomorrow and go from there. also when i was out in it today i noticed that when i pressed the clutch pedal down it goes a lot quieter so am sure that this is going to be a nice job to do very soon but the car was cheap (for a reason) so i don't mind spending a bit to get it back to good health
  10. New Member

    cheers thanks for the welcome :)
  11. Engine Misfire P0103

    funny enough i did run it with it disconnected and it was just the same. I will have a look at the throttle body as well tomorrow and and give it a clean and get the wd40 out. i have read some were else on the forum that they get a bit clogged. thanks for the reply kyle
  12. Engine Misfire P0103

    thanks for the reply. so far then it sounds like an easy fix and the gamble of buying the car is going to pay off, or now i have just jinxed my self?
  13. Engine Misfire P0103

    hi all, i have just got my self a 2004 1.4 zetec mk6 fiesta. i new the car had a misfire when i bought it but pretty confident i can fix it. some times it take a while to start and runs rough and has a loss of power at low revs but it runs fine when you get up to 40 and on the motor way it runs great. so i have had the code reader out and p0103 for the MAF sensor. so i have just bought a second hand one to make sure thats the problem before spend lots on a new one. i know i have the chance of that having the same problem but if its improved or worse i can go from there. or if its ok leave it till it goes again. any way i have been doing a lot of reading and seen that people have had the same problem and been replacing the coil pack ht leads and plugs as well. but yesterday i decided to unplug the ht leads put a spark plug in one at time and check for a spark. cylinder 1 and 4 i did not get anything, cylinder 2 was the odd one every now and again, and cylinder 3 was good. so i have also got a new coil pack on the way and also some new plugs. but what i wanted to know was has any body replaced all these parts and still has the same problem? kyle
  14. New Member

    hi, new to the forum. been a member on a few other car forums for previous cars and they have always been a great source for info. I have just recently got my self a mk6 1.4 fiesta zetec with a few problems but i knew about them before i got it, but the details of that are for another part of the forum. thanks for the welcomes in advance
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums kyle_k :)

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      that was quick i only just joined! thanks for the welcome