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  1. Hi, I have a Fiesta 2009. I'm female and know NOTHING about cars. I have had this car since 2009 from new and have noticed for the first time this evening as I locked it that there are lights on in the footwells of the drivers side and front passenger side. I have pressed all the interior light buttons by the internal mirror but none seem to operate the footwell lights. Embarrassingly, I didn't even know there were footwell lights until now. I don't want to leave my car with these lights on as I'm pretty sure my car goes pitch black inside when I've locked it at night. Obviously, either myself or perhaps my daughter in the passenger seat have inadvertently switched something on. I would be very grateful for anyone's kind advice as to where such a switch is located so that I may turn it off! I have just gone to mycarcheck.com and it is a Ford Fiesta Zetec five door hatchback. Many thanks, Jo
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Pippin :)