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  1. Engine Systems Failure 1.6 Tdci

    so what is this dpf regen process... is it just a posh !Removed!, with all the cack blowing out? how does it work, and if it does 'go off' will it be like the sonic boom from concorde [rip] flying past
  2. EGR Clean

    my brother had warned me that the forte is quite corrosive and can knacker engine parts if used continuously but he reckoned there was nothing better if you needed a quick internal clean out. an !Removed! for you car i only used the high concentration for a 20 mile run, then after that it was back to the diluted rate as per the instructions. i wouldnt want to be running with this sort of additive in the fuel as a normal thing, it was just to try and ensure any crap deposited from burning the recycled gases was cleaned out, and it 'd been ages since the oil and filters had been changed so things were probably as bad as could be. my brother had an egr problem with his saab. he recognised the issue, and didnt even open it up to clean it. he just ran some forte through and it sorted it out
  3. EGR Clean

    i do agree with what you have said with regard to the inclusion levels of the diesel additives. i only used a concentrated level to help clean out the fuel combustion system and egr as a short term option. the following day i topped up the fuel tank and so diluted the additive to the normal sort of inclusion levels. a few days later, and after short journeys that didnt allow the car to get to full temperature i found the glow plug light/limp mode returning. i ordered a solid egr blanking plate and then took the car for a decent run. the car ran great, and the forte must have been clearing out any residue rubbish. the following day i fitted the egr blanking plate [the solid one] and it was nice and easy to just slacken off two bolts and slide it into place. the car is driving great, excellent mpg and power, and no glow plug light or EML coming on.
  4. Advice Wanted On Fiesta Mk 6.5 Tdci (1.4)

    1.4tdci defiantly not underpowered, a cracking nippy drive. excels between 40 and 70, but will just top a ton. the low profiles hug the road really well but can be a little firm over pot holes and speed bumps [tyres and suspension]. the injectors can have a poor seal. this can be observed with a smell of diesel coming into the cabin, and a dry glue look over the injector seats. its dried out diesel residue. it is an easy fix at a diesel specialist, cost me £150 to get the wifes car sorted. this is on an 04 car, btw.
  5. Wont Start, Clicking Noise.

    remove the stereo, insulate the wiring, charge the battery overnight and see how it goes after that. if it starts ok then leave the stereo out for a day or two to see if the battery holds its charge ok. maybe get a discharge test done on the battery. if all is well with the battery then you know its down to the wiring of the stereo.
  6. Egr Blank Fitted 1.8 Tdci 08 Plate

    its not that i thought it still needed the gasket, its just that the blanking plate i bought had cut away lugs so you only have to loosen the bolts to fit it rather than remove them fully. my EGR had been cleaned prior to me ordering the blanking plate. if i had to remove them, as when having to clean the EGR, then i would have also had to remove the gasket. its so thin im sure it makes no real difference if blanking the EGR.
  7. is the BP ultimate diesel actually 'better in the tanker' or is it just the same as supermarket fuel on delivery to the BP garage, and only then do they sprinkle the magic dust in to the fuel storage tanks?
  8. if it re-occurs then get some forte diesel treatment, this might help clean injectors and allow for smoother acceleration.
  9. Egr Blank Fitted 1.8 Tdci 08 Plate

    i left the thin gasket in, and installed the egr blanking plate on the left of the gasket, so the egr plate was nearer the egr. this allows the thin gasket to make the seal on the pipe from the manifold, as intended.
  10. all being equal, you will probably get a better mondeo for your money than the same age/mileage passat. rather than spend more on a better 'badge' maybe you should spend more on a better mondeo B)
  11. 1.8 Tdci Loosing Power!

    it might be that it is the EGR valve... mine felt like the turbo wasnt kicking in. it was ok at low revs, and when i opened it up or hit an uphill section and the car was under more load then the problem re-occured. a much cheaper and easier fix than the turbo... best of luck, and report back soon ;)
  12. i would think the obvious one to eliminate first is the possibility of contaminated fuel or a dirty fuel filter. once that is done then consider checking the egr. what sort of mileage has the car done, and when did the filters last get changed?
  13. North Westerners...

    im from Liverpool