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  1. Hi everybody I have a ford fiesta mk7 zetec s in frozen white. It has the street pack included so it has the 17" alloys. There just the normal silver colour and I wondered if any of you have had yours sprayed or powder coated? The alloys are in very good condition so they wouldn't need extra work doing to them, just literally changing the colour? So I'm not to sure on what I need to be asking for, powder coat or... I'm just interested to see what sort of price I should be looking at? Not sure whether to go for black or a gun metal colour. Anybody got any pictures? Thanks for all your help in advance
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I'll have a play around tomorrow and see what I can do Fingers crossed i'll get it sorted!
  3. Hi everybody, I purchased a ford fiesta zetec s 59 plate in July I have been over the moon with it until recently when I have discovered a squeaking noise coming from the boot area / rear window. It is driving me crazy, I have even put people in the boot to try and identify what it is but they can't point a finger on it I took the spare wheel out and the jacks as I thought it could have been that, even took the parcel shelf out but it still continues to annoy the hell out of me! Not sure if this Is a common fault or not I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me out Thanks in advance
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums King coz :)