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  1. Hi all, I am after a battery charger for my fleet of fords. Needs to be robust as my old ones have only lasted about a year and fed up of buying them. Needs to have a jump start capability and be able to charge from 800 cc bikes to 3l + cars. My capri has a 096 battery I thing at near 700 amps so needs to be able to cope with that. Looking for a good brand and willing to spend a bit more if it will last. Thanks
  2. To be fair. Never wanted huge power from the engine. Just a bit more of a poke would be good. Got a 1.8 as it was a good spec car at a good price and I remember how well my old 115bhp Mondy went so wasn’t worried too much. I have done the egr delete and used a K&N and it does feel happier to drive. Smoother and more responsive. Might also be the reflex in every tank and a good service. Going to do another service in 1000 miles as with all the fuel system cleaner going through it it will make the oil crap up quicker. Has done when my other cars have had the same treatment. Might remove the back box and then re map at some point. Already got my eye on a new shape 180bhp 2.0 tdci wth start stop and a higher spec. But for now I love my boost bus that I can lob anything in the back, from an old Essex V6, stuff for the dump or the lads when we go muddy paint balling. One of the best cars I have had.
  3. Sounds interesting on the maf sensor. Would be interesting to see what improvement that would give. i have fitted the K&N air filter, panel type, and done the egr delete and while not a huge power boost the engine does seem to have less lag and runs smoother. Looking to get her properly re mapped soon to make the most of it all. Not looking for massive power from the car but a nice increase in drive ability and economy would be good. Any sugestions on any other things that I should look to do to make the most of a full re map? thanks
  4. Loss of power and hard to start

    Will be checking the battery voltage tomorrow to see what it is. No specific fault codes it just brought up a warning for the CCM/BCM. Will do some more investigation and go from there. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi everyone. I am having an issue with my partners 56 plate 1.6 focus zetec Petrol. The car seems sluggish to drive and really struggles to start sometimes. Plugged an obd2 fault code reader in and the only thing that flagged up was the CCM module. what is this and what does it do. Is it hard to replace? think the battery is on its way out as turnover seemed slow just now after being sat for 24 hours but don’t think this is related to her being sluggish. Also when she is a pain to start when being used the turnover seems normal speed. Thanks
  6. Oil, filter DPF service

    I agree. Cannot see anything for the DPF. Lol. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a MK4 Mondeo 1.8tdci. I am looking to put 18 inch wheels on the car, original ford wheels, and was just wondering if they will fit without issues. I have done a tyre size comparison and only 0.4% difference so no issues there. Any clearance issues on the suspension or on the steering lock to lock. Thanks
  8. Correct Diagnostic Reader for my TDCI

    All cars sold have an obd 2 port. They came in around 1997/98 I believe. In my mk4 it is to the right of the steering wheel in a little compartment behind a cover. Think it was in a similar place on my mk3 as well. My dads 99 Volvo has one as well. Depending on what you want to read a generic fault code reader will tell you how the engine is running, faults and any stored codes on the memory. It should allow you to clear any old codes as well once any repairs have been done. I have just got a generic one but haven’t used it yet. Hope this helps
  9. Oil, filter DPF service

    Been underneath the car the other day doing the oil and filter. Runs so much better with fresh oil in her, much smoother on idle and through the Rev range. Where red would the DPF be on the car? only bulge section on the exhaust is just after the down pipe but doesn’t look big enough to be a DPF in my mind. Not sure though as never looked for one or had much to do with diesels. Got a K&N panel filter to fit when it arrives, topped up the fluids on the rad and brake, checked the pads and discs so all in good shape. Going to get the manifold off and cleaned out rather than using any spray cleaners into the inlet which will dislodge funk into the engine. Seen a second manifold for £30 so might buy it and get it all built up and cleaned ready so all I do is swap it out. Looking forward to a bit more tinkering on the car, even a slight increase in performance and economy would be welcome. Thanks
  10. Any one got any info on doing an egr delete?? thanks
  11. Oil, filter DPF service

    Well when I boot it a cloud appears so I would guess it doesn’t have one. Guess it’s one less thing to worry about. Thanks for the replies everyone
  12. Oil, filter DPF service

    How could I confirm if there is a DPF or not. Keep hearing different answers.
  13. Hi. I am looking to do an egr delete on my 57 1.8 tdci mondeo. How easy is it to do and what are the pros and cons? Also I am looking to modify the exhaust to lower the back pressure on the turbo to help it spool up quicker. What would be needed to do this? thanks
  14. Hi all. I am am looking for recommendations on oil for my 57 1.8 diesel. Looking for for a good quality and filter to service the car with. I generally do do the services on my cars every 5k miles as I feel they run better when serviced more often. also I keep hearing different things as to if my car has a DPF? How would I tell and where can I get the fluid for it and how to I check the level? Thanks
  15. I would be very interested in the outcome of this. I have a 57 plate 1.8 diesel and am going to service it soon. Just wondering if a panel filter is the way to go or if there are any real benifits of an induction kit. Looking at changing the exhaust after the turbo and putting a bigger inter cooler in as well before a re map so would be part of a bigger upgrade package. thanks