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  1. Nearside Wing Panel Removal

    Thank you. Much appreciated.
  2. Nearside Wing Panel Removal

    Thanks Mickey, but the side door window seems to hide a couple of bolts. does the side window need to be removed.
  3. fiesta mk7 wing replacement

    were you able to solve the problem of removing the bolts.
  4. Nearside Wing Panel Removal

    Hi, did you find out how to remove the wing panel. Thanks
  5. My new car

  6. Switching From 195 45 16 To 195 50 16

    There is no need to re calibrate the speedo as it was over reading by 4mph, but with the new tyres it only over reads by 2mph. New wheel and tyre with 195 50 16 tyre as above Old wheel with 195 45 16 tyre
  7. Switching From 195 45 16 To 195 50 16

    Yes, I have put on 195 50 16, and its much better. i may put on 195 55 16 next time. I am into comfort and dont throw the car around
  8. Mk7 Tyres 195 50 16

    Yes, I have made the change and its quieter, rides the bumps better and makes the speedo more accurate. I may even go to 195 55 16 next time.
  9. Not many votes but it seems that this forum more followers from the newer fiesta community
  10. Mk 7 And Mk 7.5 Wheel Nuts

    Just found out that the 2012 onwards Mk 7.5 wheel nuts are different. The older ones will fit but the bevel part is larger and will be more exposed, or stick out more than ideal. This does not affect how many threads are engaged with the hub bolts
  11. It probably easier getting a used part from ebay for about £40, and keep the existing one for spares for the next misshap.
  12. Mk7 And Mk7.5 Alloys

    I am trying to fit mk 7.5 12 spoke titanium X alloys to my 2009 fiesta. I know the offset is lightly different but wheels do fit. I know that the wheel bolt holes are smaller but they do fit the studs. The question is do I ned different wheel nuts.
  13. Mk 7 And Mk 7.5 Wheel Nuts

    I am upgrading my alloys from Mk7 to Mk7.5 Titanium X wheels 12 spoke. I know the offset is different by 5mm but this is not a problem and I know that the wheel bolt hole diameters are different, but they still fit. Due to the wheel hole dia being smaller, what I need to know is, do I need different wheel nuts or will the existing ones do. Thanks
  14. Battery Drain

    Charlie, as always a great response.
  15. Battery Drain

    You need one of these. A current fuse tester available on ebay. Just remove each fuse and plug in and see the current drain.