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  1. Engine Immobiliser Issue

    I have a 57' plate Zetec S 1.6 TDCi fiesta. When I try to start the engine the immobiliser light flashes constantly for a minute and then returns the flash code sequence 1-3, which indicates a key issue.. The engine will not start at all, it won't even turn over and no relay sound is heard. This problem has come out of nowhere and i do not recall dropping keys or allowing them to be damaged by water in anyway, I can only assume it is maybe the transceiver than is receiving a faulty signal from the key? They key successfully locks and unlocks remotely and also opens the boot remotely. I have no spare key. I have switched the key to ignition pos no.2 4 times in 6 seconds and then pressed the unlock/lock/boot button on the key in order to make sure its still aligned with the car and it beeps to give recognition that it is tuned. But engine will still fail to start. The battery is completly fine, fully charged (checked), all lights and components work as they are meant to. Has anyone had this issue before or anyone heard of this issue and can provide some assistance? Would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.
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