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  1. Rattle - Help Please

    Hi My 64 plate Fiesta Zetec S has an intermittent rattle on the trailing edge of the drivers door. When I apply pressure to the door glass or nudge down the electric window by a millimetre the rattle goes. So I think its something to do with the door glass. The rattle is driving me nuts and ruining my appreciation of the car. Please can anyone offer me some advice on what this rattle might be and how to cure it please ?. The car is 13 months old. Ford have stripped down and re-built the door once, but to no avail. Thank you.
  2. Hello Please can anyone help. The drivers side front electric window only goes up or down about 5mm then stops. It was iced solid this morning and I did try it a couple of times and it wouldn't budge. But now the ice has thawed but the the travel in the window is minimal - literally 5mm down and back up. Given there is still some travel the fuse the switch and the motor must be ok. I'm thinking therefore that it must be something mechanically inside the door. But please if anyone has any experience of knowledge of this I'd be grateful. The car is a Mark 7 3 door zetec Thanks Maverick
  3. Hello My remote key is going through batteries (CR2025/32) really quickly - two in two weeks. Can anyone offer any advice please as it takes several seconds for doors to open after I press the button on the key, and the same when I press teh button to lock them. Thanks. The car is a 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 petrol, 3dr, manual transmission. Thanks Maverick
  4. Hello Can anyone offer any advice please. I have a new Fiesta (2009 Zetec). The front screen wash does not squirt onto teh windscreen when I push teh button on the stalk in and I cannot hear the pump on the screen wash tank 'buzzing' either. But I can hear the pump buzzing when I full the stalk back to activate the Rear screen wash which works fine. I've checked the fuse in the fuse box and its fine too. Anyone have any idea why my front screen wont work please ?. Thanks Mav'
  5. does anyone know how to remove the gear stick knon on a brand new fiesta please ?. i'd like to replace the standard one on my Zetec with an illuminated one that Ford sell as an accessory. Thanks Mav'
  6. Hello mate. the bulb you showed in the picture wont fit the footwell. the standard bulb is called a '501' - its a capless bulb (it has no metal bit on the end). On a 501 bulb the glass at the end is flattened to expose the metal contacts nd it just plugs straight in to the bulb socket. anyway, tinted 501 bulbs are hard to find and dont give out enough light to illuminate the footwells. you can get tinted LED replacements for 501 but these give very weak light too as they only have around 4 LED heads (or pins) in them. I used a 12 pin LED board (its a bit like a small circuit board with 12 LED pins mounted on it). So its gives out 3 times more light than a standard LED 501 bulb, and it illuminates the footwell well. I wused to work in electronics and have enough kits left to convert 2 or 3 cars. They are a straight swap for the standard bulbs, there is no splicing into the existing wiring. The kits cost me £65 each and I'm happy to let them go to forum members for this price (plus postage). If anyone else is interested just send me a personal message via the forum and let me know. I can also fit them for you if required. I live in west Yorkshire. Thanks, Mav'
  7. Hi If anyone has a new-ish Focus with lights in the front foot wells then just wanted to let you know that that it is possible to upgrade these cheaply and simply to use red LED bulbs so that they match the car's existing ambient lighting and give a much more 'premium' feel to the interior. I can supply the parts if required. Here are a couple of pictures of my Fiesta Zetec that I recently upgraded. The standard footwell lights were just conventional bulbs, and I changed them for 9 pin LEDs. If anyone is interested then please send me a PERSONAL message via the forum as I dont normally post on the FOCUS pages. Thanks Hope you like the pictures.
  8. Hello I finally managed to get some pictures and post these up. If anyone is interested in upgrading their lights then just send me a personal message via the forum and I will go through it. Cheers
  9. Just finished upgrading the front footwell lighting in my new Fiesta Zetec. The swap over was a bit tricky because it’s not a straight swap for the standard bulbs, but the new premium LED units look awesome in red and really set the interior off. The front footwells now match the rest of the red ambient cockpit lighting and the illuminated red switches on the dash. They still come on and off with the courtesy light, and the overall effect is a massive improvement over the standard bulbs. Can’t believe Ford didn’t think of this !. The upgrade is cheap and definitely possible on all new Fiesta Zetec and Titanium models. If anyone is interested then just contact me. I have some pictures, but haven't figured out how to attach them. Thanks NR
  10. I am new to all this. How do I post photographs on the forum please. ?
  11. its a shame ford dont offer the sports suspension as a factory option on non zetec S models. if you do decide to lower it i'd suggest using ford parts so that you dont invalidate your warranty. probably easiest to fit stock components from the zetec S (shocks and springs) rather than after market items. you'll also need to fit the stiffer front anti roll bar from the zetec S, and have the wheels re-tracked once everything is done. Mav'
  12. New Fiesta

    talk to your dealer. the zetec S (non chrome) grill is a straight swap for the titanium (chrome) version. you should therefore be able to fit the body kit AND still keep your original chrome grill.
  13. Mk7 centre stack blanking panel

    Hi Nipz, Here is the link. Scroll down it and you will see the ash tray. It is actually for a Mk6 but it fits the Mk7 - i have one in my Mk7 Zetec. http://www.ford-shop.com/acatalog/Ford_Fie...ccessories.html Cheers mate.\Logging off now. back l8r
  14. Mk7 centre stack blanking panel

    Hi Nipz Thanks. Thats a good idea !. I will ask my Ford dealer in the week. Incidently, you can buy a round flip top ash tray from FORD that fits snuggly in the centre console cup holders. It makes a good coin or trinket box. If anyone needs the part number please let me know. Alternatively check out ALLEN FORD'S web site - they sell them mail order there. Thanks Maverick
  15. Hi, Has anyone removed the silver coloured centre stack blanking panel on a new Mk7 Fiesta ?. It sits just above the heater controls and just below the radio. It's a silver rectangular shape and kind of looks like it might be an ash tray or a little 'cubby' box, but infact its just a blanking panel and doesnt have any function. I was wondering if anyone had removed it and knew what was behind it. The reason I ask is that some manufacturers, most notably Volkswagen, offer the same car in different configurations in different countries - for example what is a blanking panel in one country will be an ash tray in another. So I was wondering if the blanking panel in the UK might be replaced by something else (say an ash tray) in mainlain Europe for example. If so, then it should be possible to buy the ash tray, or whatever, and retro fit it. This would be a really cool addition to a UK car. Does anyone know ?. Either way I'm going to have a talk with my local Ford parts guy sometime soon. Another example is the sunglassess holder. If you look in the hand book for the new MK7 it shows a sun glasses holder fitted into the head lining just aft of the courtesy light. The sun glassess holder is not available on the UK car though. It is possible to buy the part from ford, although you would need to replace the head lining as well. Thanks Maverick