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  1. Galaxy S6 International Giveaway @androidauth https://t.co/YrnpK0iPmQ

  2. Galaxy S6 International Giveaway @androidauth https://t.co/YrnpK0iPmQ

  3. Not sure about the S-Max but I enabled DDS on my focus mk2.5 without any sensors in the wheel as DDS uses the ABS sensors (guessing Yaw/Pitch/wheel speed) to work. I had a recent flat and DDS issues a warning on the information cluster to check tyre pressure.
  4. Just took a look at the GEM pins and confirm the Pins are there. So looking positive. Just ordered a USB ELM327 cable :)
  5. This seller specifically mentions that it comes with the FT2323RL chip which means it supports FTDI right ? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/USB-ELM327-V1-4-Plastic-OBDII-EOBD-CANBUS-Scanner-with-FT232RL-Chip-Free-Shipping/1293626549.html
  6. Anyone knows how to change tyre circumference using ELMCONFIG ? I have changed my wheels from 205/55/16 to 225/40/18 apparently we need to calibrate the axle id. Any ideas. Apparently this can be done via IDS, thus just want to check if this is possible via ELMCONFIG. I can't seem to find the config page for this though for ELMCONFIG 2.6
  7. Cragat, just to confirm, your car didn't come with the wiring from steering to GEM and you basically took wires from another scrap focus and pulled it from the steering to the GEM connector ? The 2 wires are just plain straight wires right ? Thanks.
  8. Mine doesn't have the white/brown wires at the junction box. Looking at the electrical schematics for the passenger junction box. It seems to show that the 2 wires just connects to the cruise control switches. Does that refer to the CC switches on the steering ? I am still wondering if I could just insert 2 new brown/white cables into the Blue connector and link it directly to the steering wheel connector. Appreciate your view.
  9. Mine doesn't have the wires :( Any chance just pulling the 2 wires straight from the steering to the plug will work ?
  10. John H, I think this is the one right ? This time I hope I am wrong. Btw, the brown and white wires, are they just the ones that directly run into the plug behind the steeering wheel ? If yes, I am wondering running the 2 cables separately would work. However, I noted that there is the 2 switches on the brake pedal. Since my car is an Auto Transmission (Powershift), I didn't check for the clutch switch.
  11. . Now that I found it , I am most :( ... no wires in pin 10/18.
  12. Hi, I have checked my GEM in the fuse box cover and it says 6M5T-14A076-BB. My car is a Focus TDCI 2.0 MK2.5 facelift. From the first post, it says that the connector should have 2 rows of cables. Mine seems to have 3. Does anyone know how to check if the required wiring is there ? Thank you.
  13. Ok, finally got MS-CAN working using a bluetooth OBD2 with STN1170 chip ! Here is how you do it. Pre-Requisites 1. OBDLINK MX Bluetooth or a OBD2 reader with STN1170 chipset that can access MS-CAN protocol http://www.amazon.com/ScanTool-426101-OBDLink-Bluetooth-Interface/dp/B006NZTZLQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368711347&sr=8-1&keywords=obdlink+mx 2. Latest ELMConfig V2.6 http://civil.iffc.ru/ELMConfig/ELMConfig.zip Steps 1. Turn Key to ACC 2. Use a terminal software like hyperterminal or putty to connect via the configured serial COM Port. 3. Once connected and you see ELM327 v1.3, Set OBD protocol to MS-CAN by issuing command "STP 51". It should return OK. Then close terminal session. 4. Launch ELMConfig 5. Set MS-CAN bus in ELM327 Setup page 6. Open Port 7. Click on Read from the GEM module. If it shows you some information instead of N/A means it is able to access MS-CAN modules now. Hope this helps those who have this OBD2 reader.
  14. Yeah, the thing is I don't actually have a modified USB ELM327. I have a Obdlink MX bluetooth which is ELM327 compatible and I can set it to MS-CAN protocol. But still can't seem to get it to access the MS-CAN modules. Keeps getting 10 87 CAN error.