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  1. Road Tax From Dealer

    Hills Ford in Kidderminster. The car is the cats whiskers to drive, and that extra torque makes a huge difference in acceleration from 50 to 70! It also makes the most random squeaking sound once you turned the engine off - almost like something is still spinning.... Really am so happy it's sorted!
  2. Road Tax From Dealer

    OK! In the end, they couldn't get a courtesy car up here so they gave another £100 to compensate. Got the tax, service book and cheque through this morning. Only downside now I've finally got the service book, it's only got a partial history instead of full, and a post-it note saying the book wasn't stamped by mistake!! A little annoying, but hey ho. Soooooooo glad it's finally sorted though!
  3. Road Tax From Dealer

    Dealer has come back to me and said that it's all just unfortunate set of circumstances.This is the official line i got; The previous owner has requested a log book and paid the £25 charge, this was ordered on the 20th January so plenty of time for the DVLA to dispatch a new one and me to re-tax the vehicle in February. When the previous owner requested the log book she also put in writing to the DVLA that she was no longer the owner. Her log book was apparently sent by the DVLA but she has still not received it (I have experienced this myself with the DVLA on a few occasions during my time in the motor trade) I then took it upon myself to tax the car via a V62 and V10 in your name as the previous owner had assigned the car to trade. DVLA stated this was not possible as the car was not assigned to the trade, we then tried to tax the vehicle in the previous owners name and DVLA refused to do so stating that the car was not registered to her. After countless hours on the phone and visits to the DVLA we have recently discovered that the DVLA WILL NOT TAX until the 22nd February as this is the date that there systems will transfer ownership. There is no way around it and I personally cannot believe that a government organisation can be so unhelpful in a situation where no one has done anything wrong He's been very apologetic and offered to proved me with a hire car until the tax is sorted, plus £100 for the trouble so far. Truth be told, I just want shot of the car and want to start again (the car I used in part ex has already been sold), just with a different dealer. What do you guys think?
  4. Road Tax From Dealer

    That's what I'm going to do I think. Never been so annoyed with a company before!! Thank you for your help, I'll let you know what they say.
  5. Road Tax From Dealer

    I tired that. I went to the Post Office with all the bits filled out, and they said that it can't be done that way & I would need to contact the Vehicle Registration Office to find out how to do it. When I called them, they said the car could not be taxed without the V5c, even it I went to the VRO office in Stockton, they wouldn't accept the V62 and V10. They needed me to send the V62 to them, get the new log book in the post and then tax the car with the V10 in a Post Office :(
  6. Road Tax From Dealer

    So two weeks on, still nothing. I've written a letter of complaint to the dealer principal telling him everything and basically saying I don't want the car any more. I'd take it back to them but it's a 170 mile trip......
  7. Which Are The Best Tyre's To Put On My Ford Fiesta?

    Coolio bud, thank you for that!
  8. Which Are The Best Tyre's To Put On My Ford Fiesta?

    Not to hi-jack the thread, but with regards to changing tyres, is it worth changing all 4 at the same time? The previous owner of mine changed them one at a time so they're all worn differently, with the front left needing a change and the rear right having 6 mm of tread left....
  9. Road Tax From Dealer

    True! To get this sorted I ended up having to go to the Dealer Principal. They've agreed to tax it via the trade, although I have no idea what that means or why it couldn't be done sooner, but I've been assured that it is now taxed and the disc will on it's way soon. Has anyone else ever heard of this?!
  10. Road Tax From Dealer

    Ok, dealer confirmed today (9 days after original purchase) that the previous owner lost the V5, and she's had to request another V5 from the DVLA. Been into the post office and on the phone to the VRO and both have confirmed that the car cannot be taxed without the V5 or new owner bit. They did confirm I am not committing any offence by not declaring it SORN or not taxing it, as far as they're concerned, the car is nothing to do with me. So very very angry at the dealer for this. If they'd told me when I bought the damn car, I could have at least taken steps. But no, that would be too easy!! EDIT: oh and of course, if I crash the car, insurance is invalid.
  11. Road Tax From Dealer

    Thank you for that! I heard nothing over the weekend, so I'm really concerned now! Will phone again tomorrow and hope this gets sorted. It's only £20 so I'd happily do it myself, but I don't have the "new owner/keeper" bit of the V5. Will let you know what happens. Cheers!
  12. Road Tax From Dealer

    It's what I thought. Laughably, he said I could still drive, and tell the police this story and it'd be fine as this allows as mitigating circumstances. Is there anyway I can tax it without the V5 or reminder?
  13. Road Tax From Dealer

    I know this isn't specifically a Fiesta question, however I could really go for some guidance! Bought my second Fiesta on Saturday from a named dealer (you may have seen my rant previously ;) ) and they offered to tax the car for me. Slight snag was that the person who part ex'd the car didn't bring the V5 or service book. Dealer says not a problem as he's got the lady coming on Monday with both, and he'll send them to me with the tax and a cheque for £50 for the inconvenience. it's now Thursday night, dealer says not expecting to get the V5 and service book until Saturday. meaning he'll tax it then. Tax runs out today. Can I still drive the car tomorrow?
  14. Basic Service.

    Some places don't even change spark plugs. They only change them if needed and will charge you extra. Also, I phoned a place this morning that said that they'd do a full service, but only replace the filters if needed, and they'd be extra on top of the the £160+VAT! How much is a service normally??
  15. Changing From Petrol 1.4 To Diesel 1.6

    Update for you all! So far, the experience has been mixed. The car is much smoother going from 40-70. In anything it accelerates a little too easily :) Everything feels much calmer than the petrol, and its a lovely quite drive at 70 on the motorway. My biggest gripe is with the dealer rather than the car! Now they say that the best lessons in life are leant through your own mistakes, but I would advise anyone else buying a car for the first (or second!) time to head these words. Regardless of whether you're buying from a named franchise dealer or not - if it's not in writing, it didn't happen! The dealer (Hills Ford, Kidderminster) told me that the customer that part ex'ed it forgot to bring the service book in, and that he would post it to me by the end of the week. Now he also said it had been serviced about 3 weeks ago and has been serviced to schedule. However when I got home and checked fluid levels, the oil is half full and jet black, and the other fluid levels are below half full. Does that fit a recent service?! Also, the car has done 65k miles in 30 months. This was kept very well hidden( to the point that rather than let me drive the car to the petrol station for a full tank, he took it himself. I know it's my fault at the end of the day as I did'nt ask. Now I trusted the dealer as I bought my first car from the same place and they were brilliant, but I feel a bit like I've been shat on... Rant over! Thanks for listening