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  1. R B Customs

    Ambient Lighting LEDs issue

    yea I get that, which is probably the reason they chose red in the first place. remind me what colour theme ST's have around the dials etc... is it red? titaniums have blue, which clashes I think. I usually choose orange for driving at night :D
  2. R B Customs

    Ambient Lighting LEDs issue

    I have a titanium X which lets you choose the colours and dim them with a dial found on the roof liner... I have to admit, the red option is the worst of the lot! cyan should have been the standard colour used on the titanium (not X) if it was the only colour you could have. If I have mine on blue / cyan and I open a door the handle and door-bin lights turn red and I think this is the reason why they chose red on the titaniums. for what it's worth, the options that you set on the instrument cluster screen seem to be reset when you disconnect the battery. Have a look at what else has changed and then post back when you have to ask what the 'rain light' is :D (turns lights on if you're wipers are on which is the law in some US states)
  3. Hey Andy, That's crossed my mind - but start-stop has never failed to work (my initial confusion made me think that was the case too) so I'm not sure if it can be? It happened this morning on a bigger scale, I actually thought that it woud never start, and was about to climb into my fiesta to get to work. here's another video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nlno3awkl7yha4q/20160205_084644.mp4?dl=0 I left the windows down this time - there's actually a sharp click coming from the engine bay, it's the first time I've had the windows down to hear it - sounds just like a solanoid on a starter motor. I hadn't noticed at the time until it eventually started and I drove off, that my heated seat was on and set to 5, so that could have been pulling a bit of power from the battery - school boy error I know! but this could be a useful note. other notes you all should know is that I have replaced my boot compartment lights (w5w) with decent LEDs, as well as my puddle lights - I dont know if these are part of the canbus system (if it has one? ) so I'm not sure if these would cause an issue - certainly haven't seen any warnings but I'm going to swap them back to standard halogens over the weekend anyway. Other than that the only changes I have made to lights is upgrading the cornering lights to slightly whiter looking halogen H1s (nightbreakers) I don't know how comprehensive the 'test' was that the AA did on the battery, he may have just tested the voltage. My understanding is that a battery can pass a few 'tests' but still be bad, and my gut feeling is that the issue lies here - but it eventually starts! baffled!
  4. Hey, I've got a (new to me) '62 plate focus estate titanium X, 1.6TDCI (115) stop-start engine with keyless entry and keyless start button. it has around 120k on the clock. Timing belt/chain has just been done. I've had it arpund 2 weeks. I have a problem where the car will not start using the button (have not tried the emergency key yet) it takes many attempts for the car to start. A faint, but dull click can be heard after pressing the button - sounds a bit like the starter motor solanoid -but don't read too deep into that. it cut out at the weekend when I was on holiday - it was either stop-start kicking in, or me fumbling about and made it cut-out, or it just cut-out its self - I'm not sure. either way it wouldn't start, all signs pointed towards having a flat battery, that's what it felt like. THe AA came out and couldn't start it either, eventually it just started by fluke.140miles later after getting going again it did the same thing when I turned the car off to pick the dog up, got in the car and it would not start until about 8 tries of pressing the button, each time there was a faint, dull clicking noise from the engine bay. there's no warnings that I can see, but I did see *something* about hill-start assist on the display as I got into the car for the first time on the day it first broke down. here's a video (car was warm - I'd just stpped it to nip into doctors) https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9yszdu8wig847e/20160201_105618.mp4?dl=0 The AA ran diagnostics but their system didn't read the ford codes and he said there were 5 electrical faults in the memory but he could not tell me what the errors meant. (p.s I'm not talking about the ~4 sec delay between pressing the button and waiting for the coils to warm up where the engine fires its self after the short pause. This happens with a warm car too)
  5. R B Customs

    Dog Owners: Can You Fit A Greyhound In A Mk7 Fiesta?

    Thanks, been reading none-stop for weeks now, running out of stuff to read and watch but haven't seen those videos yet so cheers :) [actually it appears as if those videos won't play - dropbox permision denied. maybe their dropbox osting has run out.
  6. R B Customs

    Dog Owners: Can You Fit A Greyhound In A Mk7 Fiesta?

    Thanks a lot! Very helpful post, and lush dogs! Out of interest how do you get them in? will one of them jump into the boot, or is he lifted in or let in through the inside with the seats down for a moment? thanks again :)
  7. R B Customs

    Dog Owners: Can You Fit A Greyhound In A Mk7 Fiesta?

    was thinking of taking a pig's ear, or some biscuits... does your dog like tape measures? :D :P
  8. R B Customs

    Dog Owners: Can You Fit A Greyhound In A Mk7 Fiesta?

    yikes that's a big dog! good find! That's unknown at the moment; they're all ex-racing greyhounds so their size will be similar, differing mostly with s3xes I guess. [can't say s3x on here :S] just had news that I'm visiting the shelter at the weekend so I'll see if I can pose the same question there and see if it's suitable or not - maybe try one out!
  9. R B Customs

    Dog Owners: Can You Fit A Greyhound In A Mk7 Fiesta?

    cheers, not a bad solution; albeit a bit ugly! You know I'm just asking the question right? I'm not sure how or why the RSPCA would come knocking on my door but okay :) I've already priced a dog guard (rather than a cage) up and there would be no question over the necessity of one if it was to go ahead. You can get cages made-up but it's too soon for that at this stage; more of question of 'will it fit'
  10. Hey, We're looking at adopting a greyhound; discussions about doing it are now onto the feasibility of transport. I have a 2011 Mk7 Fiesta S1600, my missus has a 2015 new generation Hyundai i10. I'm not in a position to swap my car and frankly don't want to! Has anyone got any direct experience with trying to fit a greyhound or other sighthound(but not a whippet) in the boot of a Fiesta with seats up or down (prefereably up) I'm reluctant to try the back seats as I think it seems dangerous and may mark the leather. Greyhounds are generally good travelers (I'm told) and apparently settle quite quickly. they're bigger than you imagine though, but whilst they're big they can and do curl up. I gaze in my boot a lot at the moment pondering if it will work out or not; my instinct says no, but I can't help but think that it might. Transport would not be a regular thing; just infrequent trips back home and to the vets etc. If anyone has any experience of other large breeds let me know! pictures would be fantastic. This is the nearest I can find! http://www.fordpartsuk.com/images_orig/1713210/2.jpg
  11. R B Customs

    Suoerchip On Fiesta Metal

    if your Metal is 2011+ (134ps) then it already has a different map than the standard Mk7 Zetec S, so if you're looking at map gains quoted for standard ZS's then they're not equivilant. The S1600 (2011+ only) and Metals are one-and-the-same so were sold as 'remapped' from the factory - I doubt this map is as tight as a pro would be able to get - I'd imagine it would be still quite 'erring on the side of caution' but IMO it's not worth it. You already have the gains from everything the metal/S1600 has (shorter, faster, gears; improved intake, biger downpipes / exhaust, remap, dat gurggle), so from here on I think it you should be looking at sport cat, cams, induction (which are ell expensive) THEN a remap. If you look at the Mounttune packages they will give you an idea of the correct upgrade path for the metal/s1600 and you will note that some of them include a remap because extensive work has been done. I only had the standard filter on my 2011 S1600 for a day before putting the K&N on and there was a slight increace in induction noise but not as much as you would gain from replacing the whole thing with a J1 automotive indutcion kit for example. I'm still running mine with the K&N pannel and although I am toying with the idea of the J1, I'm quite happy with the KN pannel for now. Rick
  12. R B Customs

    S1600 Views

    [edit] Sorry I replied to a thread from years ago... this was at the top of the forum for some reason. please delete.
  13. R B Customs

    Little Things About Dealers That Annoy You

    Annoying things dealers do ? How about removing a reg plate and replacing it with their own branded one and just !Removed! it into the metalwork? That's annoying when you have a short plate. And also when they turn your interior into silicone valley! Different downpipes and a different gearbox too, which IMO makes the biggest difference. And the gear change indicator comes in at the redline. is it a different airbox as well ? Worth pointing out that its only the 2011 s1600 / metal that have the performance changes. The 2010 one was just cosmetic changes. I have driven the 2010 and the 2011 in the same day and there's enough difference between them to warrant going from a zs to a metal ( same scenario, different shape)
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums R B Customs :)