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  1. Hi, I have a ford fiesta 1.4 durashift (ESP) petrol 2004. Since servicing the car at dealer the car has began to shudder and stall on morning start up and stalling altogether. The dealer had serviced the car changing the engine and brake fluid oil and provided a check up. However, yesterday the car stalled with a loud thump noise when I was reversing. It would not drive forwards either. When put in reverse it makes a loud grinding noise as if the it's not in the right gear repeatedly. Occasionally the transmission light comes up and then disappears. As dealer engineers are closed I called a local mechanic and they investigated and found a low level of brake/transmission fluid level, but to my horror a leak from a pipe, which they said should have been picked up by EAG. Any idea's what kind of damage has caused to the car and what checks I can do. Obviously with the leak I am not going to drive it, basically the car doesn't move. I appreciate all the help as I am new to Ford.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Jay578 :)