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  1. Brakes Problem

    no i did not clean them but they daint look too bad thanks for your reply
  2. Hi I have a 2006 lx tdci mondeo Problem is my brake pedal has a lot of travel I have put pads and discs on front and pads on the back I have bled the brakes so no air in there but I have found the front passenger side brake is slow to react when the pedal is pressed So could this be the caliper or the brake line And help would be great Thanks a lot John
  3. hi all i want to replace my brake fluid in my 2006 mondeo lx tdci but not sure which one to use dot 4 or super dot 4 there are many types can any one tell me please i want to change it as it is a bit spongy thanks a lot john
  4. Heated Front Windscreen

    Here is the pic
  5. Heated Front Windscreen

    Hi Thanks for your reply Yes I have a light all the time testing alternator it is charging the batt Not sure if it has the right batt on so I have took a picy No I don't have any wire sticking out of the cable on the batt Thanks John
  6. Heated Front Windscreen

    hi after a bit of time i have cleared the error in the gem and my screen works but only for 6 seconds then goes off and wont come on again i do have another fault code it says p1632 smart alternator fault sensor/circuit dont know if this can be a problem but my battery is getting charged thanks john
  7. Heated Front Windscreen

    Hi Thanks for the input I shall have a look at the scuttle panel I was going to pull a fuse to each side and see what side it might be It's just a case of elimination Thanks I shall try and update how I get on with it Thanks John
  8. hi have you got any obd software you can plug in it sounds like the injectors might of lost there codes as doing some reading i found they can do this hope this helps i have just brought a great tool for this it was £80 as i tried f super but that was not able to code injectors trust me i shall give you the email of the person that does this http://forum.fordiag.cz/index.php this is the guys email Tchvatal@ezop.cz name is Tomas Chvatal tell him john mayo from uk sent you look on you tube for coding mondeo injectors hope this is of any use john
  9. hi all i have a 06 reg 2.0 tdci lx 115 mondeo my problem is heated front windscreen it does work lol the light will come on but on for about 20 seconds and go off i have taken out the relay and put a wire in there and the screen works the light on the switch comes on and it works no problem i have brought a new relay i have no blown fuses i have got error code from the gem b2256 front windscreen heater relay short to ground i need a ford wire diagram for the heated screen with ground placements if any one can give them to me that would be great any ideas where the problem may be thanks a lot john
  10. hi all here is a good one does any one know how to drain the radiator on a 2006 mondeo lx i have looked for a drain plug but cant see one no where so i thought i would take the bottom hose off my hose has a clip which i have popped off but how do you get the pipe off i have been told it is a twist but i have tried this on the top hose as it is better to get to but no way is that coming off i need to empty the rad because i have put a cleaner through the system as it just had water in it now i need to get it out and put anti freeze in it any advise would be great thanks a lot john
  11. New Member After Some Help Please

    Hello The common rail should be on the front of the engine as you stand infront of the car take engine cover off it is a black round tube with 4 pipes coming off it to the middle of the engine The engine is one big square if your engine has a slim middle part going down the centre it might be a tddi. Not a tdci if its a tddi you don't have a rail so your chip won't work Do a google search for tdci image and see if yours is the same Hope this helps a bit John
  12. Hi all As a update I changed my plugs and all is working again now Thanks a lot for all your help John
  13. Hi Thanks for your replys it all sound true and good but my car did work and Haynes engine fuse box F8 and ford have it as a 60 amp slow blow so it is right I have taken them all out and rail off Tested each plug on battery with 20 amp fuse and all work no problem But am I right in saying if they are all in and I put my 20 amp wire on the rail the fuse should not blow but the plugs won't work because they don't have enoght amps to work I have brought a new glow plug to test it's ohms and that is 0.8 So does any one know how to test these plugs And where are all the engine earth straps so I can check them Thanks a lot John
  14. Hi Thanks very much for the diagram it's very good but I have Haynes I needed ford diagram as Haynes is a typical and not the same But thanks for that I have tested resistance on plugs with multimeter Continuity test and it comes up 0.6 ohms that's each plug out the engine I have put them back in and put rail on but took the poss wire off rail and put fuse back in And it has not blown so it is the rail I have used a wire with 20 amp fuse and put from poss Of battery and put it to the rail and it pops the fuse So some where its going to ground How can I test each plug as they all glow nice when each one is put to the battery Thanks a lot for your help John
  15. sorry forgot its a 2006 06 reg 2.0 tdci 115