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  1. Georgiiie

    New Fiesta

    Yer had mine 2month and everythin fine with it ! iv got a 1.25 zetec what colour you gettin or do you not no ?
  2. Georgiiie

    Rear Defuser On New Fiesta

    got a new zetec fiesta and was just wonderin if anyone knows how much the the zetec s rear defuser is ? thanks
  3. Georgiiie

    New Fiesta LED red footwell Lights Upgrade

    Was Thinkin Of Doin This Lol You Got Any Pics ? Its JUst A Side Light Bulb Aint It ? Like A 501 ?
  4. Thinkin about lowerin my new fiesta 40mm just wonderin if it will rub with 17" on ?
  5. Georgiiie

    My Car

    My New Fiesta